Romania: days 6 and 7


Yesterday I didn’t post because I slept while putting Bea and Laura to sleep.

We had a great day at a salt mine in Praid, but all the photos are in the camera. The place is huge and designed for people to spend the whole day as part of the treatment. They have loads of toys for children, a 3D cinema, restaurant, pub, toilets, cafe and even a church. Bea couldn’t go because she was only allowed to be there for one hour. I don’t understand how it works, there were other babies there, but all older than her; I would say 9-10months old, I guess they are all affected by the pressure of the cave but maybe there is an extra concern with very young babies. Well, we wouldn’t take the risk.

We also went to a place not too far from Praid to have a look at the traditional arts and crafts. But it was raining a lot and quite muddy. Not sure if I mentioned but I brought no clothes for muddy days.

Today we went to place with (live) butterflies and visit a fishery, where we had lunch.



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