Romania: day 5


Today we finally managed to put the girls down at a decent time. We had a great day walking around Sovata (it’s tiny, but very hilly, so it’s tiring). In a nutshell, the place gets it’s fame and fortune from its lakes, in special the Bear Lake (which you have to pay to get in). There are salty lakes, muddy lakes (people use the mud for all sort of health treatments), tiny lakes… Apparently the water is warm; we haven’t tried yet but I believe it’s true as people were happily in the water but wearing cardigans outside it.

Our day was great, the weather is quite good – hot but not too hot, around 18-20C, which is perfect for me (when the sun is out, it feels hotter than this). We went on a “train” ride (20 min) around Sovata, had lunch, walked… When we started making our way back to the room, Laura decided to make a huge scandal in the street, one of the worst we’ve ever experienced, which put us all in a very bad mood. The tantrum last about 30 minutes but It felt like hours. We will probably be known in the town as the mad parents of mental kid. Oh well…

It seems that the weather forecast for the next days (weeks?) is going to be rain, lots of rain. So, is this holiday a strong candidate of the “Flop of the Year”? Na, despite all the little problems (did I mention that hubby’s stomach is not well tonight?), I am enjoying wearing short sleeves and not being cold at all.

As usual, some photos taken with my mobile. I was hoping to upload some of the camera’s photos but the wifi of the “pensiune” only works in the kitchen. Of course, why would it work everywhere? Night night!

Someone is happy today (this was before the tantrum).20130827-161126.jpg
Someone is finally sleeping20130827-161212.jpg
I’ll post more photos of the buildings here on a separate post. One of my favourite things about Romania. 🙂

Detail of the ceiling of the restaurant we ate this afternoon. The food was pretty average.


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  1. Ibelieve changes are the ones to be responsible for their tantrums. I think Laura is having a bit of a diffuclt time to deal with the trip, with Bea’s arrival, with daddy on vacations, and so on, isn’t she? I’m saying this because Lia has been a very different child from the one that left Brazil! She used to be a sweetheart and she’s been quite different! She’s screamed and cried as loud as I’ve never seen before, not even stranger’s daughters do it like that! LOL
    I really wish you bright sunny days, not hot ones though! I wish you the best vacations ever so you won’t think it’s difficult to travel with them both, because it isn’t! (Just kidding, it’s so very exhausting, but it’s stil Worth it!)

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