My home decor: the messy room


We have a tiny bedroom in the house that in the beginning we thought about using it as Laura’s bedroom, so we could have a spare room for a playroom or whatever. But when we moved to this house, the wall was covered in mould and we decided the room wasn’t appropriate for a baby. Smart decision, as not only it had this infiltration, but also the radiator doesn’t work and the room is extremely cold in winter. Being us, we never sorted this problem.

So the tiny bedroom became the messy room. Or a dumping ground. I’ve been trying to organise it since my mum was here but I spend several hours just sorting old cables (we have 10 different mobile chargers from mobiles we don’t even have anymore). It is so so so frustrating. I wished I could just throw everything away and start from scratch. I am the one to blame – hubby doesn’t have a clue of what we have there, so technically I could just get rid of all his stuff and he wouldn’t even notice, but 80% of the stuff in there are mine (most of hubby’s crap are in the guest bedroom, another one that needs sorting asap!).

I don’t know what to do with this room, but I know that the first step is to get rid of the useless things we have been collecting throughout the years. The photos below were taken when I was still trying to make sense of all the mess (2nd time round – the first was when my mum was here, in June) last week. I gave up as it was taking too long, but managed to clear the floor and put all the boxes in shelves. When we come back from holidays, these will be my priority.

Here are the terms to organise this room:

* No painting walls

* No new furniture

* No more shelves

=> This will be some sort of “The under £50 budget project”. Deadline: 30th September 2013 (remember: I am slow, lazy and have a baby that likes to sleep in our arms). Watch this space!


What you see when entering the room: the grid is from Laura’s cot bed, which will go back when Bea inherits it (in November).


It was a nightmare to put this shelf up. Whatever we do to clear/organise this room will NOT involve putting up shelves. We are not good with DIY.


My plan is to remove these hanging “shelves” as they are ugly and messy. Unless I can find “drawers”/boxes for the wholes.


I don’t know what to do about this corner yet, but I would like to remove this bookshelf from there. But before I can do that, I need to throw away A LOT of things.


And these bags also need to go somewhere else. But where?!?! :-S


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