My home decor: a new series


I’m really into this thing of having “series” of posts. I need something to encourage me to keep blogging about all sort of things, but not just “today I brushed my teeth” type of post.

We are decorating our home since we moved in, back in 2010. I confess that I was quite anxious and excited at the time, I even prepared some mood boards. When it came to actually buying the furniture, things didn’t quite came the way I wanted. And here is why:

Budget: we are not the type of couple that will spend £1,000 on a piece of furniture, so matter how comfortable or perfect it is or if it is a unique piece of design. So we had to work with what the budget allowed us to get.

Kids: we kept thinking “let’s not get this because we have a child and it will be damaged/ruined/stained in no time” or “we cannot have this because the kid can hurt herself”. Hence the black sofa, very few objects around the house, etc.

Space: sometimes ideas are beautiful in paper, but don’t translate well in the real world.

It takes two to tango: 90% of the time, husband couldn’t care less about the decoration of the house. But he is stubborn when it comes to the other 10%.

Then I went back to work and the decoration of the house went quiet. I had already too much to do to be bothered with it. I didn’t spend enough time in the house and on the weekends the house was too messy to even pay attention to the decor.

Now that I am at home full time, I’m having anxiety attacks with the whole house again. And when I say “whole”, I mean it. The garden, garage and driveway are all included.

So, today’s post is about our garden. The first big change came when we replaced our natural lawn with artificial grass. So far so good – it was the best thing we’ve done. Let’s talk again in three years time to see if I’m still happy with it.

We left an area out as I wanted to have some plants/flowers. The problem is that I know zero about gardening and plants. I know what I like, but I don’t know what to plant, how to plant, and – most important – how to keep them alive. Thankfully, my mother in law loves gardening and helped us with this and Saturday was gardening day. We bought some flowers and voila! Check out the partial results below.

We wanted perennial and colourful flowers, so we got roses, geraniums, begonias, lilies and a bunch of others I can’t remember the names. Pink, yellow, purple and white. At the moment it looks a bit bare, but we are hoping that as the plants grow, they will also spread and cover the ground. If not, we will fill the gaps next year.












It’s not done, but it is done for this year. We might plant some veggies, but I don’t know when. I need to check when it’s the season to plant what.


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