Beatrice: 3 months


Today, 10th August 2013, my little Beatrice turns three months old. I should say “wow, time flies”, but I won’t lie. It’s not time that flies, it’s the three months that is not time enough. I lived every single day of the last three months; some people say they are the worst of the life of a mother. Worst in the sense of hard, I mean. Because everything is new for the baby; they are learning to live outside the womb, learning to breath, to eat, to poo, to sleep. But I am a mother of two, technically I’m more experienced now than I was 3 years ago, when my big girl Laura was just a tiny baby. I kid you not: I don’t feel any more experienced now than I was before.

– It took me two good months to get used to giving her a bath on my own but now I’m a pro. I like to be relaxed when it’s bath time because there’s a huge check list before I even start: windows closed? clean clothes? soap? Water warm enough? Towel next to me?

– Beatrice went from a big pooper to a conservative pooper. Her new “routine” is a massive poo every week. Saving nappies, are we?

– We have great chats. She completely masters the language of acooo, booo, bleeee, aawwweeee, uuuuuu, arrrrllllll. It’s just the cutest thing in the whole wide world.

– Beatrice decides to share more of her beautiful smiles with the world and sometimes we can even capture it on camera.

– She loves when we talk to her, looking in her eyes; she loves when we sing for her; she loves when we hold her and show her the objects in the house; she hates everything if she is hungry or sleepy.

– If she is hungry, but not starving, she gets very excited when she realises that there’s a boob coming her way.

– I haven’t decided if she loves her big sister or is slightly scared of her. Sometimes she smiles at Laura, sometimes she has that “take this freak out of here, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase” face. I don’t blame her; Laura is adorable and funny but can be so noisy and annoying at times.

– She is almost turning on her tummy. She goes half way through and then gives up. Her neck is strong and holds her head, but she doesn’t enjoy her tummy time that much. She pushes herself with her legs and can move upwards. She almost crossed our bed like that once.

– She has big brown eyes – since she was born I knew her eyes would be like Laura’s or mine (my eyes are darker than Laura’s). I think her eyes are slightly smaller (oval) than Laura’s, more like mine. She also has brown hair, like Laura.

– She didn’t have all the spots in her face like Laura had in the first three months.

– She puts on weight steadily, but like Laura, she is not a big baby. She is 5.28kg (as of 8/8). But…

– She is wearing 3-6 months old clothes, but sometimes I dress her with Laura’s 6-12 months clothes and they fit without being massively big.

– I love being her mother and I can’t have enough of her. Even her cry is adorable.


“Yes, I’m cute, what can I do?”

"My hands are my favourite toy"

“My hands are my favourite toy”

Aoooo, uuuu, arlll, boooo

Aoooo, uuuu, arlll, boooo

"My big sis is cool"

“My big sis is cool”

"My big sis is nice but has no sense of self space"

“My big sis is nice but has no sense of self space”

"What the heck, big sis?!"

“What the heck, big sis?!”

"Get out of here!!"

“Get out of here!!”

This little "beak" is a trademark

This little “beak” is a trademark


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