London Borough of Bromley: the largest and the greenest borough in London


London is a huge city and even though I live here for nearly 8 years, I don’t know half of it. I come from Rio, a city that seems tiny if compared to London, but just because I lived in a bubble, just moving across 5-6 neighbourhoods. I think the “boroughs” in Rio are more “complete” – where I lived I was 10 minutes by bus from Copacabana beach, had tons of cinemas at walking distance, night clubs, shopping centres, etc. Where I am in London I have to get a car to do anything, it’s a very residential area (close to a ‘big’ town with cinema, malls, supermarkets).

All this to say that although I love living in the London Borough of Bromley, I can’t say much about the other boroughs, so this post – and all series of posts about things to do in the ‘Bromley’ area – has no intension to be a “mine is better than yours”. It is, in fact, an attempt to force me to get to know more of the borough I live in.

Great things about the area: I was told that it is the greenest borough in London, with a great number of parks and commons. This week we visited a new place for us: Keston Common. We’ve been to Hayes Common and West Wickham Common, which together with Keston Common form the three commons walk. This is a great thing about London: there are loads of walks in nature, like the Green Chain, in the southeast.

Keston Common is very kids-friendly, with some ponds where you can fish (you have to carry a licence though), tracks in the woods, lots of space to run and, of course, the ice cream man! Interested in the area? Check more on the Three Commons Walk here.

The three commons

The three commons walk and other tracks


Trying to make friends


Shoe-less after too much running around


Ponds with fish and lily pads, tracks, sun and dogs, perfect Sunday afternoon


Throwing stones in the pond, it can’t get better than this


The water is fascinating, isn’t it?


Keston Common – a view

Next post on Bromley: Crystal Palace Park (which I didn’t know was part of Bromley Borough!)


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