Kent, the garden of England


I get very confused with England’s regions, counties, etc., and I’m too lazy to try to understand how it works, but after a very super quick look on wikipedia, I found out that Kent is one of the 8 home counties in England (see map below, taken from Wikipedia), which are basically the counties in Southeast England that surrounds London. Not sure why this info is useful and why I’m posting it here, but there you go.

The counties surrounding London

The counties surrounding London

Weirdly enough, my address says I live in Kent, but technically I live in the London Borough of Bromley. Today we decided to go on to the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve by car and the sign of “Welcome to Kent, the garden of England” was quite far from where we leave, so I don’t understand why we live in Kent when we are actually quite far from the border. Never mind.

Dear reader, Kent is that big area on the Southeast coast of the map above and it is considered the garden of England because of its abundance of orchards and hop gardens. It has also a nominal border with France and because of its location (between London and France), it has staged several important battles, Hastings being one of them.

And because we live in, aham, Kent, nothing more natural than explore our county, right? So far, we’ve visited Leeds Castle, in Maidestone, went to Dover and visited Dover Castle (check photos from Hastings and Dover here – Hastings is in East Sussex), went shopping in Greenhithe and the most recent day trips were to Eynsford (post in progress) and Sevenoaks (we have actually been to the reserve twice, I’ll write a post about it soon-ish). There are still dozens of places I would like to visit – I want to go back to Dover and visit the White Cliffs, Canterbury (I can’t believe we haven’t been there yet), and visit a bit more of the coast. But these places are a long drive away from us and we have to leave the house really early.

So, hopefully, before the summer comes to an end, we will visit a couple of other places and share some photos here.

Dover Castle

Dover Castle

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle


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