What do Romania and the United Kingdom have in common?


Probably lots of things, but the most recent and interesting topic is related to the royal families of both countries (despite Romania not no longer being a monarchy). Prince Charles had also told newspapers that he is related to Vlad the Impaler, the man who inspired Bram Stocker to write Dracula. And he, Prince Charles, has properties in Romania and often visits the country (a recent one was in May).

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one missing out on the beauties and mysteries of this country. It’s about time that I visit more of it, after all I’m married to a Romanian and we are together for nearly eight years now.

We are going to Romania end of August. It’s a yearly trip (as with Brazil), but normally to visit family and we tend to fly to Cluj-Napoca e stay in Baia Mare. Last time we went there (February, see posts here, here, here and here), we explored more of the area. Hubby misses skiing, so we also went to the ski in Şuior, where we have been a few times before (Laura loved skiing, which makes me think that I won’t be able to skip winter trips to Romania).

Now the plan is to go south of Cluj-Napoca. I have been reading some travel blogs (nah, in fact, just one, the Andarilhos no Mundo (in Portuguese), who have some amazing posts about the country (here is a list of all posts) and there are loads of cool places to go. I just don’t know we can do as much as these guys suggest with a baby on board. We’ll see.

I’m very excited about this trip, especially now that it will be less adventurous – we aborted the original idea of not booking any accommodation beforehand and just drive, stop at interesting spots, look for accommodation where we want to spend the night. So now the plan is – I think – to set camp in two places (Sovata and Bușteni/Sinaia) and explore the region nearby.

Possible route of our trip

Possible route of our trip


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