Super duper baby gadgets


When you think you have seen all baby gadgets in the market, they come with even more cool stuff. Honestly, these are super cool stuff, but I didn’t even bother to check their prices; I know they are not for me. Full stop. I’m a mother on a budget, ok? I live on a budget, I travel on a budget. But admiring things is free, eh?

Check this Mamaroo bouncer/swing chair. It bounces, it swings in different directions (mimicking the parents movements), it plays your mp3s (just in case your baby, like all babies in the world, doesn’t enjoy the annoying tunes that come preloaded with those chairs). If it isn’t high tech enough for you, I highly recommend you to watch the video on their website (click here). Better than this, only if it read stories for your child. Oh, wait, you can record yourself reading stories and play it.

Bouncer / Swing

Bouncer / Swing

Then, there is this Origami pushchair (stroller, if you are American). Dude/Dudette, you press a button and the thing unfolds all by itself! And the thing is self-charged! You walk, it gets charged – it encourages you to exercise!!! Better than that, only if they had for newborns and the siblings version. And had voice command. And return home by itself in case it got stolen.



Ok, I always thought that bathtubs for babies were a bit unnecessary – you can bathe the baby in the sink as far I’m concerned. But this bathtub is something else. It cleans the water while you bathe the baby! Not sure how great it is, but I checked the price (I had to, despite what I said above) and $50 might be too much for a bathtub if you get one of those $10 plasticky ones, but we got a Fisher Price bathtub (similar to this one here), it costs $30 and let me tell you: it sucks big time. Totally crap in my humble opinion (the net didn’t work for us, my babies got scared and cold and I felt insecure)



It’s interesting to see that, while that is a wave of products aiming at the “modern family”, trying to improve their lives, maximise time, give a “helping hand”, the modern family is also looking at going back to our grandparents’ time, where simplicity ruled: less was more. I know several parents, mummy bloggers, random strangers that gave up certain items completely unnecessary for this short period of infancy. It’s true that most of the times we don’t need these things, but manufacturers and their clever marketing people make us feel like we cannot live without them. It also feels like some of these products are taking over the role of the parent. Yes, rocking a child to sleep is time consuming, but if you buy a super duper machine that does your job, you kind of feel like you need to use it all the time, to pay for the investment.

What about you? Are you the gadgety parent or are you more of the “close to nature” type?

P.S.: This is not a paid post; I don’t own any of these products. In fact I don’t even know how they work except for what i’ve seen online.


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