52 objects: week 51


Nearly there. Next week is the last of the 52 objects project. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year!! :-/

So, this week is a cheat. I couldn’t decide which one to go with (the 52nd object has been chosen), so I’ll include both.

What are they? Photo 1: my scale. Photo 2: two long skirts

Where are they? The scale is in the bathroom, under the sink (and I discovered a leakage, that’s why it’s stained). The skirts are in my wardrobe.

Why were they chosen? I bought the scale when I desperate to lose weight. Since then I weigh myself often, but I never managed to lose enough weight (or keep what I lost out). I don’t think I can leave without a scale.

The skirts are old, very old. I think they are more than 10 years old (I wore the one on the left in the recording of a showcase of Alanis Morissette to a TV channel in Brazil, in 2002). I love them because no matter the weight I am, they always fit me (if they look good is another story) – ALWAYS!

What else? In the beginning, I used to check the whole stuff – weight, water, bones, fat. I have a profile saved with age, height, etc., but I don’t care much about these things now. At least not now that I am overweight.

I don’t think the skirts will last much longer – the orange has a whole somewhere that I try to ignore whenever I want to wear it. I have another green dress, also about 10-15 years old that I am also reluctant to give away. :-/


So, there you go, the two objects complement each other: one reminds me I’m overweight. The other makes me forget about it.




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