Photobox for iPhone – product/app review


* This is not a paid post; I’m writing it because I feel like writing about it *

I don’t know about you, but since cameras became digital, I barely print my photos (* I barely take photos, despite being so easy, but never mind). My photos are all over the place – we have four laptops, two external hard disks, two smart phones and a bunch of memory sticks around the house, and all have different photos on them.

I tried printing some of Laura’s photos but I never went any further than her first 3 months of life, if that. I’m now trying to organise the photos while the in-laws are here so I can print a bit of all Laura’s life, our trips, and the photos of Beatrice.

One of the reasons why I don’t print photos that often is because it is not as simple as it could be. You have to upload them on to a website and this takes a lot of time. I tried a couple of websites to print photos: Jessops and Photobox. I like to stick to the same place if the experience was ok and since I had a good experience with Photobox, I never tried hard to find another option.

Finally I got a few minutes to download Photobox app to the iPhone and had been trying to use it since yesterday. First impression: it sucks. I tried to upload nearly 300 photos of Beatrice to my albums and instead of working on the background whenever I changed screens (without shutting Photobox), it would stop uploading. Same if the mobile went to lock mode. So it took about the whole day to upload the photos on to the website. Then, when it came to selecting the images to print, the app kept crashing and shutting itself down. I had to go to the website using the laptop and order the photos. The annoying part is that the photos were cheaper to print ordering via the mobile app.

Your order

The order

Edit your photos

8p each using the app against 12p on the website

Albums (only accepts jpegs, no PNG allowed)

Albums (only accepts jpegs, no PNG allowed)

I won’t give up using the app. I think it is still better than nothing, but I’m yet to be impressed by it. If I was organised enough, I rather have all the photos on a disk or memory stick and take to a physical store, those ones that you just insert your memory disk and print all the photos.

Sometimes I miss those days when all you had to do was take the film to the shop and have it developed. No need to edit photos, crop, delete, etc. Too much work…

Does anyone have tips on how to organise (and keep them organised) photos? I tried creating folders by topics (Laura, months, places) but it doesn’t seem very practical. I also have trouble remembering what some photos are all about, but there’s no way I can rename all the photos.


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  1. Have you ever tried Story Album? It came pre-installed on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I thought it was really cool how it organized my photos by day within an album. You can create different albums for whatever occassion as well.

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