52 Objects: week 49


Nearly there, peepols! I have no idea what the last 3 objects will be! :/ panic mode on.

What is it? An A4 copy of a portrait of me, painted by Maryam Foroozanfar

Where is it? Guest room, but I’ll frame it and take it downstairs. Or leave it in the guest room. Or take it downstairs. I don’t know yet.

Why was it chosen? Because it was my 15 seconds of fame. This portrait was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, at the yearly BP event (apologies for not remembering the name of the event). I think it is from 2007; this top doesn’t fit me even in my wildest dreams. I remember people at working coming to me to ask if it was really me. Hehe

What else? This copy isn’t mine, it’s Mariana’s, and she forgot it here after she moved back to Brazil. I bought two A3 copies, one for my mum and one for my dad, but I haven’t got one myself (does it count as an object if it was “stolen”?).



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  1. Não acredito que vc já foi “exibida” na National Portrait Gallery!! Que luxo! 🙂
    Adorei!!! Tá linda!
    Mas me conta, o original ainda tá lá? Onde tá agora?


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