My mum went back home after over two months with us. I thought it was going to be a bit of a shock, but we are doing alright. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s much better than I thought it would be. I think my biggest challenge is to manage my expectations and anxiety. I still think I can do or should do loads of things whislt on maternity leave, although the main objective and only priority is look after Beatrice and Laura. I feel guilty if I decide to do nothing around the house and just relax when Bea is sleeping and Laura is at the nursery. But, despite the bad feeling of guilt, it feels quite good.

I’m still trying to learn Bea’s patterns, but I think she doesn’t have one yet. We are now much more “connected” and in sync. I can put her to sleep much easier than before, I can ease her pain or calm her down in a couple of minutes (as opposed to 5 hours, like before!). We talk a lot when she is awake – her “acooo”, “boooo” and other cute sounds are more frequent, and so are her smiles. I am totally in love with her and I wish she stopped growing so fast.

And if I was struggling with certain things, like baths and nail cutting, now I’m back to being a pro. I’m giving her baths every day and cutting her nails every two days. Progress! My focus is cuddling Bea as much as I can when Laura is at the nursery, keep her clean, feed her, calm her down if she is stressed out (colics, not being able to sleep although sleepy) and learn to put her to sleep quickly.

When Laura is at home, I have to split myself in two… Bea requires a lot of attention, but I try to involve Laura more on the house stuff. She loves preparing herself a sandwich, for example. We have tea time breaks together, Bea included. We have picnics in our new lawn.

Laura is doing alright at the new nursery. She has two new best friends, Sofia and Annabelle, but she still asks to go to the previous nursery. She comes home exhausted (and VERY dirty) but still refuses to have a bath and go to bed – understandable, with this great weather, why go to bed? She is very funny, mixing Portuguese and English in her sentences and having absolutely no idea of time (Tomorrow, I went to the nursery. I’m going to Brazil yesterday. On Saturday is my birthday, in May). She has an adorable and contagious smile and tries to get things her way by using it – naughty! Sometimes she gets things her way, because she is too cute and too clever.

She is totally nappy free – she hasn’t been wearing nappies during the day since December, but only recently we removed the night ones. We had some up and downs, with “accidents” every other day. We are avoiding giving her drinks just before bedtime, we put her to wee just before bedtime and sometimes, when she wakes up “in the middle of the night” (aka 11pm), we check if she wants another wee. It works like that, but we are not celebrating yet. She has also been to the dentist for the first time and all teeth are there and they are all ok. Oh, and she is completely out of the bottles as well – and this was quite out of the blue. She is now a “big child”, as she likes to say.

I’ll leave you with some photos now. 🙂


The new grass


The old grass


The old grass


A little bit of both


I squeeze her cheeks all the time


Exhausted after a day at the nursery


Snuggled up


She likes to sleep next to mummy and mummy loves to feel her warmth


Big sis telling a story to little sis


She is just too “owwwnnn”


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