Life in the UK: supermarkets


I love going to the supermarket on my own and hate going with the family. I also dislike packed places so lately I’ve been shopping online.

In the UK there are 3 major grocers and several other ones. The biggies are Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s, my favourite being the latter (I like their own brand food), the least favourite being Asda (prejudice maybe?) and the chosen one being Tesco.

It’s not that I like Tesco (I don’t) but it is the one I find the easiest to shop online. And I just downloaded and used their mobile app and loved it! They also have this “price comparison” system whereby by a day or two after you shop on their website, they send you an email saying how much you saved buying with them. If the shopping was more than it would have been with others, they give the money back (up to £10).

Do I recommend Tesco? Not really. If I had a big Sainsbury’s near me (I used to have a huge one near my previous house), I would prefer to shop with them. I don’t have any Lidl or Aldi (German chain?) next to me, so I can’t go to these ones. And I am yet to try Waitrose again to see if they are competitive in prices as they clain to be (Waitrose is know for it’s high quality and prices). I also tried our local butcher and, although they are slightly more expensive than the grocers, the quality of the meat is much better and it is a way to support the local shops.

The prices of food in the UK have increased substantially in the last 4-5 years. I’ve noticed from my shopping basket that I probably spend twice as much for the same things – I can’t say the same about eating out though, which is weird. The worst part is that the price went up but the quality of the food not necessarily improved (horse meat anyone?).

This is NOT an sonsored post


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