How to make friends (or not) – part 2


Last Tuesday I wasn’t in the mood to cook, so we went to Ikea. Yes, I am the type of person that goes to Ikea to eat, sorry to disappoint you. ;P And, no, I didn’t buy a single pin (miracle).

After lunch, we asked if Laura wanted to visit their kids area, which is a enclosed soft play area where parents can drop off their kids while they go shopping. We left her there and went to wander around. I was holding Bea on the sling, but very uncomfortably for both of us – I don’t know how to use this thing properly, when a couple approached us and said they had exactly the same sling. I promptly told them I hated it because I couldn’t feel comfortable and thought that Bea couldn’t either. So the girl told me it was because I was using it wrong.

After showing me a couple of ways to hold the baby in it, we started to talk and they were talking about their baby (1 year old boy) and asking about us. We said our goodbyes, nice to meet you, bla bla bla, and were heading our ways when the girl asked my full name. I thought she wanted to figure out where I was from, but she was actually adding me as a friend on Facebook.

Some people might think it is weird, but I was glad she had the initiative. They seemed very nice, had a small child and live not too far from us. Why not meet again for a chat or a coffee? And adding people on Facebook is a pretty safe way to make friends, at least for me, since I don’t share much on Facebook anyway. Even if I did, I think I share more on the blog…

I now know what to do when I meet a stranger that has some things in common with us. Facebook them!


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