On travel, superstitions and addictions


Laura: Daddy, I’m going to Brazil tomorrow.

Daddy: No, it’s not tomorrow.

Laura: Now?


Yes, we are going to Brazil! Tickets booked. We are going in January (yes, 2014…) and the plan is to visit Salvador, Bahia (Northeast of the country, if you are not familiar with the place). I don’t know Salvador (I was 2 years old when I went there) so it will be a fun family trip. We are still working on the details and I will share the plans once they are more than just vague ideas.

Mr C is going for just two weeks, but the girls and I will stay for longer and come back with my mum. It will be a summer holiday for us, while it’s winter in the UK. It should be boiling hot, like 40C+, so wish us luck! Not now, we still have a long way to go.

Before this trip we should go to Romania, and for the first time (for me), not in winter. Hurray!


My mum’s trip is coming to an end, in a week she will be heading home and I’ll be on my own with the two little misses. Hmmm, I hope it won’t be too hard, but one thing is for sure: ironing clothes will not be a priority in this house. Actually, housework will have to be secondary, unless it means cooking for Laura and washing the girls’ clothes. Everything else is secondary.

One of the great things about having my mum here was to hear stories of our family. My mum tends to repeat stories from time to time, but there were some “never heard before” stuff. For example: I didn’t know that my grandmother didn’t go to my other two aunts weddings, just to my mother’s. Apparently they weren’t in great terms at the time of their weddings, so my grandma decided not to go. I can’t imagine being angry to my daughters to the point that I won’t show up to their weddings… My grandmother also went to my mum’s graduation parties at university, which my mother didn’t show up!! If this thing of having a favourite child is true (*), it’s safe to assume that my mum was the favourite child. ha-ha.

I haven’t met my grandmother, I was one year old when she died, but she is very present in my life, from the stories my mother tells me to little things my mum replicates because her mum used to do. An example: when her children had hiccups, my grandmother used to place a wet piece of cotton on their foreheads. There’s no explanation to it. My mum does the same to Beatrice.



Do you believe babies can get addicted to certain things from very early days?

My daughters knew how great it is to sleep in grandma’s arms since they were tiny, a month old or less. And of course they want to carry on sleeping in “someone’s” arms after the grandmothers leave.

I’m glad they get over this addiction after certain age (and before getting too heavy).



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