The Little Sis


She will be two months old on the 10th of July but it feels much longer! I think it’s because a lot is happening at the same time…

Little Bea is growing as expected, weighing 4.5kg now. She makes lots of baby noises, sometimes it feels like she is really trying to talk. She is very curious, looking at everything and everyone, turning her head when she hears a sound. Her neck is also quite firm, she can support her head for a few seconds (minutes?) and doesn’t want to stay all the time on her back.

She has mastered the art of sucking and her feeds are now quite short – less than 10 minutes. She also feeds between 2 and 4 hours, and wakes up once or twice for milk (but she doesn’t cry – I know because she starts sucking her hand very loudly).

She sleeps around 2 hours (sometimes less) a time during the day and now she has been sleeping mostly in our arms. Whenever we put her down, she wakes up in 5 minutes. She sleeps through the night relatively well, but wakes up around 5 and 6am and only goes back to sleep around 8am.

And because sometimes she cries a lot and it’s not hunger or a dirty nappy (probably colics), I gave in and introduce her to the dummy. She took it but not without a fight and she is still reluctant to have it most of the times. I gave up – for now – introducing the bottle.

She has a huge red spot – birth mark – on her back, which we only noticed when she was a week old. The health visitor said it will fade and become smaller when she is around 2 years old. Nothing to worry about.

She is a DUCK! She eats and she poos. It might be normal, but Laura wasn’t like that when she was a new born so I’m quite surprised with the amount of poo that comes out of this little girl! She poos all the time, even in the bath!!!! Geez, and bath time is not easy with her… Laura used to love it since a baby, but Bea seems to be annoyed. I think she feels cold. And, no, I still don’t give her a bath every day. I’m trying to find the best time but it seems that whenever I’m ready to give her a bath, she is either hungry or upset or sleeping. So young and already mastering the art of skipping her bath.

I don’t think she has a clue of who the heck we all are. I’m the lady with the milk, grandma is the lady with nice arms for sleeping, Mr. C is the guy with scratchy face and Laura is that very loud girl that keeps trying to stick her dirty fingers in my mouth.

She isn’t smiling as such, but she has a smiley face. And from what I can see, she will have an adorable smile.

I have to say that sometimes I feel like I’m a first time mum looking after Beatrice. Everything seems to be new: bath, nappy changing, putting clothes on, cutting her nails… the only thing that seems natural is breast feeding, but even then we have our clumsy moments.


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