Happy birthday to me!


It was my birthday yesterday, but we were celebrating other people’s birthdays (Laura’s friend’s and her mum’s birthdays) somewhere far away from our homes and – believe it or not – neither husband or my own mother (!) wished me happy birthday.

We had a get together today but it wasn’t to celebrate my birthday especifically – some friends wanted to come and meet Beatrice, others wanted to catch up, so I ended up inviting them on the same day and it happened to be the day after my birthday. Some couldn’t come and some had to cancel last minute – fine by me, an excuse to meet up another day. ūüėČ

While I’m writing this post, the candle I got from Lelei is releasing a nice and relaxing perfume…

I didn’t use to like birthdays. I mean, it’s great, people text you, call you, facebook you, etc, wishing all sort of great things and this is always good, isn’t it? But I was always on the side of “one last year to live” as opposed to “one more year lived”. Do you get the half full/half empty similarity here? Yes, I was never keen in getting old, still am not.

But something happened on the way, and after I turned 30 I learned that, as long as you don’t think too much about the number, age is not a big deal. I look at old photos and no, the skin is not the same smooth skin of 15 years ago, but it doesn’t matter. I am actually looking forward for the big 4.0.

I’m not sure what will happen when I turn 40, but I’m hoping that I will be celebrating much more than 12 years in the UK, 12 years of a relationship with Mr. C, 7 years of marriage, Laura’s 7th birthday and Beatrice’s 4th birthday. I’m hoping I will be much happier than I am today. I’m hoping to be more relaxed, to be wise(r), to be young in spirit, to feel more energetic, to be healthy and to be more strict with all the anti-aging cream routine thing.

What about the present? Today I had some few friends that brought a big smile to my face. Friends I met in different periods of my life, all chatting and laughing around the table. For 2 minutes, I looked at the group from “outside”. They seemed to be getting along and be having a good time together. I think this is what I wish for my life today and for the following years: be surrounded by people that can have a good laugh and chat together and make me feel comfortable and “at home” in times I feel out of place (blame the hormones).

I am exhausted after a long weekend, but the floral perfume coming from the candle, the taste of the “white sangria” Naj prepared, the brown spots in my teeth from the yummy chocolate cake made by Graziela and the a slight headache maybe caused by the screams of the kids running in the house make all the tiredness be worth it.

Everybody is asleep here since 8pm – I should have gone to bed as well. I can hear the tic-tac of the clock. It feels like another year is about to start. The first day of the countdown for the 37th birthday next year. Bring it on!

20130623-222423.jpgIt’s not always about the kids, you know


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  1. Você não coloca seu aniversário no facebook não? Como que nós, simples mortais, vamos lembrar? Amiga, feliz aniversário viu, que vc tenha tido um dia incrível com suas meninas e o maridão. Que a gente possa um dia colocar nossas meninas para brincarem juntas!!! Um beijão!!!

  2. Que coisa linda de post, Chris. Você sempre dá vida aos seus textos, mesmo quando eles me parecem despretensiosos.
    Parabéns, sua linda. Tooooooda felicidade do mundo pra você. Hoje e sempre. Que os seus continuem enchendo seus dias de alegria, porque você merece.
    Sou daquelas pessoas que n√£o precisam conhecer algu√©m “de verdade” para desenvolver um carinho grande. Acho que basta uma conex√£o de ideias e de formas de pensar para que isso aconte√ßa. E sinto isso com voc√™, ent√£o t√ī sempre na torcida pela sua felicidade!
    Beijo grande,

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