Spring and summer are the time that people decide to clear their homes of old crap – either to just organise their things (like me) or to open space to new crap things. It’s also the time when the recycling centres see huge queues of cars dumping the result of these home clearances, charity shops renew their stock of second hand items and websites like Gumtree and eBay have loads of new listings.

I first heard about Freecycle a few years ago through a friend. At the time, I thought it was something exclusive to the UK, but it’s a worldwide community, gathering people offering all sort of things to other people in their area – these things can go from baby clothes to left over sand from a construction site, old furniture, pieces of wood, etc. The idea is to check if something can be of use to someone else before just dumping them in the bin. I love the concept and have used the service a couple of times, mostly to get rid of items that are too big and bulky to take to charity shops and too cheap to even bother trying to sell.

It’s amazing the response I get on Freecycle, I think it’s the perfect place to advertise things you don’t want to throw away. I’ve seen loads of interesting offers on there, but nothing that I need (I prefer going to charity shops, I have several around the area). The main problem, in my opinion, is that you get those people who say they want the item, arrange to collect and don’t show up. It happens, it’s annoying, but as long as it doesn’t make me waste too much time…

I would love to, one day, be part of garage sale with friends to exchange items between us – maybe when the girls are bigger and I have more time to organise things.

What about you? How do you get rid of the stuff you no longer need?


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