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Back in 2011, when I went back to my old job from maternity leave, one of the girls at work criticised me because I breastfed Laura exclusively, without expressing milk and giving her a bottle. Her argument? That it was selfish not to let other people experience the great thing it is to feed a baby, who look at whoever is feeding them with the biggest curious and loving eyes ever. My instinct was to say “want the experience, luv? Get your own!”. I thought about saying it, but it’s like they say “if you don’t have something nice/good to say, don’t say it”.

I understand what she meant though and I hope she was refering to a father or grandparents feeding the child. To be honest, the reasons I “chose” to breastfeed from the source were: 1) laziness to sterelize bottles and other equipment and 2) expressing milk is not an easy task!!

I know some women have milk to give and sell (a literal translation from a say in portuguese, not sure if it makes sense in english), but it’s not my case. I have enough milk to feed my daughters and keep them happy, but whenever I try to express milk, I get nothing more than 50ml, which is not much really. Actually, if I express manually, I get no more than 30ml, 40-40ml with a manual pump and 50-60ml with an electric one – and this is if my breasts are full and painful and after 30min+. it’s tiring, boring and make my breasts sore.

On top of that, both my girls are not big fans of bottles… I tried several times with Laura and she never enjoyed. I tried once with Beatrice and she choked, had gag reflex and didn’t want to drink it.

So why bother? I will try again later on, just for emergencies. I went out a coupke of times, very quickly, and got back to a screamy hungry baby; had I expressed milk my mum could have at least kept Bea busy trying to figure out what to do with that platic thing that tastes like mummy.

I wonder how some newborns accept bottles so easily… By the way, I’m not eager to bottle feed her – I really enjoy breastfeeding as it’s meant to be by nature, but bottles can be practical sometimes.


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  1. It is really weird when people lable you selfish or anything else just because you don’t do things the way they want it done. Specially if they haven’t experienced whatever the “selfish” thing you are doing. Only you know what is best for your kids and only the father and grandparents should have an opinion if they miss that connection or not.
    As long as you guys are happy, is all that matters 🙂

  2. Eu acho absurdo o comentário da sua colega. Pois é, amamentar cria uma relação linda entre os dois ali envolvidos. E os dois ali envolvidos são a mãe e seu bebê. Ao menos quando a mãe amamenta, o que é a coisa mais natural e importante para o bebê. Não é egoísmo, é doação. Pai, avós e afins vão construir outras relações com ela, que serão importantes. É desonesto, para dizer o mínimo, querer olhar como egoísmo que você faça o melhor que poderia estar fazendo. E você é educada, nossa. Eu teria mandado lamber sabão.

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