52 Objects: week 44


What is it? Some of my music CDs

Where are they? Now, in the living room. Before they were hidden in the messy room

Why were they chosen? Because I used to love my CDs more than I love anybody in the world (ok, a little exageration here, but you get the point). They were my companion, my best friends, the presence I wouldn’t mind having 24 hours in the house. I had to leave them behind when I moved to the UK,; I just brought a bunch so I wouldn’t feel so lonely. I left the cases in Brazil though (space issues). Next step is to bring them all and all the cases. Not sure when (and where I’m going to put them).

What else? Fine, fine… The passion I mention above is to music not CDs, one could argue. I still have some vinyls in my mum’s house, and although I don’t have where to play them (mum still has the LP player), I’m hoping to keep them for a long time (or sell for a little fortune in 30 years time). I can lend books, but I don’t lend my CDs, so don’t bother asking. 😉



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