Tales from the Loo


Laura is at a stage that she requires privacy to go to the loo. She still uses her potty (she has two, one downstairs and one upstairs), which allows her to be mobile and drag the potty to somewhere without an audience. If we are in the bathroom with her, she asks (most of the time, politely) us to wait outside and she will call us when she is done. If we are not around, she sorts herself out without even telling us. If she is downstairs (we don’t have a loo there, so it’s in the living room), she finds herself a quite spot (usually hidden behind the table) and asks that no one gets close.

I bet next step will be to take a book with her. Oh, wait, she already does that!


Yesterday, I asked Laura to get me a piece of toilet paper to clean her nose. She came back with a tiny, totally useless, piece of paper. Three tentatives later, I asked her to bring me the whole roll.

She brought it – by pulling it all the way to the bedroom. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture of the paper around the house. When she realised it wasn’t a good thing to do, she shouted to her grandmother: “grandma, help, come quickly because I made a mess!”.


I don’t know if it’s trauma or just a phase (an annoying one), but since she was 2, Laura doesn’t like washing her hair. Doesn’t like as in she screams and cries like someone is torturing her. Every single time. If it was for her daddy, she would never wash her hair because he hates the scandal it is. What the heck is that about? Is it normal?

I hope she will grow out of it, as it won’t be nice for a 18 year old girl to cry when washing her hair.


Laura brushes her teeth with a kid’s toothpaste. The one we had here was for kids 0-2 so daddy decided to use our toothpaste, as she is 3 now. Laura hated it, she said it was “too hot”.

Now we got a 3-5 yr one. I wss brushing my teeth the other day and she said “mummy, this is daddy’s toothpaste. You have to grow bigger to use it, you are too small. You can use mine if you want to, it’s not hot”.

Awn, sweet!


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  1. How awesome she is already asking for privacy (never thought they did ask for it!) and taking a book with her!!
    Giggled here about the toilet paper, how are you going to stop her doing it every time now?? =)
    Oh why don’t you ask her why she doesn’t like it? Maybe she is afraid of shampoo in her eyes and you can put something to protect her until she gets confident? Or maybe is the pulling hair she doesn’t like ? Does she sees you bathing and washing your hair?

    And sweet indeed she thinks you’re little!! /o/

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