Music & Me


I’m back to listening to music! Yes, the “10 Things… List” I posted one of these days encouraged me to bring back to listening to my old CDs. It was the easiest item of that list to do.

I decided to introduce my daughters to my musical world. Laura loves music and she is always singing songs she learns in the nursery or with us. She also creates her own lyrics, which is very sweet. Butbshe doesn’t seem too keen on my CDs. I guess I’ll have to brainswash her keep trying.

Great thing about Bea is that she doesn’t have much opinion yet, so I play whatever I want and rock her to sleep with the songs I like. I’m not going too wild – at the moment she was introduced to Jewel (husband also liked), Pearl Jam (the softies), The Cure, Fiona Apple, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix (vetoed by husband because it’s not quiet enough for bedtime), Nando Reis (Lili: I’ve been thinking quite a lot about you), Tribalistas and Ze Ramalho (the three last ones are Brazilian artists; I might write about them in the future).

The idea is to bring music back to the house, either as background noise (and reduce the TV) or as entertainment.

I don’t have many child-friendly CDs, so I’m not sure when/if I’ll introduce things like Rage Against the Machine, Helmet, soundgarden, etc, to the girls.

Playing while writing this post: Jewel, Pieces of You.


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