10 Things I Miss Doing


I love making lists and I miss making lists (I didn’t include this item in the list below though), so I decided that from time to time I’ll have a list of a Top 10, chosen at random.

Here is a list of the top 10 things I miss doing. Some things stopped after I moved to the UK, others after I had kids, some I can have back, some I doubt I will be able to do again, at least in the next few years.

* To sleep well
This is the main thing I miss TODAY and the only thing I can’t have back, at least not in the next 20 years or so. I guess I need to learn to live with short periods of sleep…

* To have more energy
Although it is somehow related to broken sleep, the problem dates way before that. It got worse when I moved to the UK and suddenly someone stole the summers in this county (it ges worse every year – the last good and proper summer seen here was in 2006). I might have to start with some multivitamins and exercise frequently to see if I have improve my levels of energy.

* To travel
It’s a mix of many things. We got lazy (less energetic?), priorities changed (too stressed with the mortgage? Not knowing how to travel with kids?), not enough holidays in the year to travel to places other than our home countries. Hopefully we will improve this with time.

* To be able to stick to a diet
Oh dear… That’s a nightmare! I know I need to lose weight, I know I need to eat healthily, but where is the will?! Something to think about, urgently.

* To exercise (and have fun exercising)
It used to be fun when I had Lelei and Mari as gym buddies. Without friends to exercise with me, it’s just boring. And I don’t have the energy and patience to work out at home, on my own, but it would be ideal, considering the lack of time…

* To meet friends without having to book with a month in advance
This is something that came with life in the UK… Firstly, people here tend to (have to) plan their lives with many months in advance. Secondly, people live far from each other, it takes time to go from A to B (and sometimes public transport is not working). Thirdly, and in my case, life with kids tend to get a bit harder when it comes to going out. If before I was ready to leave the house in 30 minutes, today takes about 2 hours (sometimes more). I don’t see this changing anytime soon (especially because it requires a lot of work and planning), so I just need to accept and adapt…

* To go on short (sometimes useless) courses
I have a little list of things I would like to learn… Sewing, singing and ice skating are the top three. πŸ˜‰ Sewing might be the easiest as I don’t need to attend a course for it. Ice skating is the most exciting. Singing is the most useful, for the sake of third party ears.

* To listen to music, go to the cinema (or just watch films) and to read book
I was never a big reader, but now I don’t read even Ikea’s flat pack instructions (in fact, I’ve been reading children’s books, but not the many). I used to go to the cinema at least once a week, now it’s barely once a year (and maybe the same at home). And music… Geez, I was addicted to music, would have CDs on whenever I was at home. I still listen to music but only when driving, and only radio. It’s been many years since I listened to my CDs…

* To take pictures
It’s not like I don’t have reasons to take pictures, but I simply forget about it. Not even the super duper mobile with cameras helped me. Yes, I do take pictures, but very once in a while. And I loving looking at old pictures…

* To be on my own
I suppose this is something I’ll only have back when I’m very old. I had a me-time last year, when I went to San Diego for work and went a day before everybody. It was SO GOOD!! I missed home, but hey, I was only 5 days away.

This list is not in a particular order.


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  1. Try Dextro tablets and Berocca for energy, they really work!
    And I miss “terror in the bathroom” too 😦
    Soon the girls will be bigger and we will be able to do ad-hoc meet ups again, also, when you are more just you and them, I will do more impromptu visits!
    Again, let me know when you’re back to short courses and I might join you.
    And when the girls are bigger, I will be happy to take them for the day so you can have some alone time, promise! πŸ˜€

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