52 objects: week 43


What is it? A rocking chair (or a glider)

Where is it? Laura’s bedroom

Where does it come from? Toys R Us

Why was it chosen? This is probably one of the most used and useful baby items we bought. I used to rock Laura on a pilates ball until my back started begging for something more comfortable. This chair is amazing and we still use it with Laura when telling her bedtime stories – we haven’t decided whether to move it to our bedroom where Bea sleeps, but at the moment, Bea doesn’t care about being rocked to sleep – all she cares is her milk.

What else? We will probably get rid of the chair once the kids outgrow them, but to be honest, I like it so much that I use to it relax and calm myself down when I’m very stressed or angry. So if we have the space, I might as well keep it for the old age.



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