At least I know what I DON’T want to do…


I mentioned here a few times before (at least I think I did) how I would like to find a job (career?) that allows me to work less, spend more time at home – with the kids and also with myself – and leave a less stressful life. I could easily reduce my hours or work on something I don’t like but has flexible hours; the problem is that I don’t want to pay to go to work and this is what happens if I get a reduced hours job.

So I’m always looking around to see if there’s anything else I would like to do (and that I could do) that would bring a decent income as well as pleasure and not suck the life out of me.

On Wednesday, at the nursery, the lady asked me to wait in the room with Laura for the whole settling period (the idea was that I would stay for 30 minutes and then leave for the rest of the hour). It didn’t take long until I had at least 5 kids around me, asking me questions and bringing me books to read for them. Soon I had a pile of books to read and eager children interacting with the stories I was reading.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy having the kids around and asking all sort of questions; they were funny and cute (and polite, dare I say). But I left the place exhausted and with a strong headache that last for several hours (I had to take pain killers to be able to sleep). Also, telling stories make me sleepy, so I couldn’t stop yawning while reading the books. Not to mention that some of them were a bit boring – in my humble opinion – so I wasn’t really enthusiastic in my interpretation.

Speaking about “boring” books, one of them was about a family of elephants and the mother-elephant feeling upset because she thinks she is fat and as a result she puts the whole family on a rigid diet and exercise routine. I saw myself as mummy elephant, the paranoid mother that drives the whole family crazy!

Anyway, back to the subject of this post: I won’t definetly be applying for a job in a nursery (or study to become a childminder). Love kids, but can’t deal with more than 2 at the same time (you could argue I can’t even deal with two, since my eldest is going to the nursery 3 days a week).

The search for a new “career” continues…


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