Spring Clean


I find it funny the term spring clean, because I like to “spring clean” the house at least once a month or every two months. Unfortunately “like” doesn’t mean “do”.

One thing that comes with the sunny days is the visibility of dust in the house and dirty windows – no wonder why everybody decides to “spring clean” their homes. It’s so dark in winter that we can’t see the dirt.

Yes, we are currently spring cleaning, but I have a feeling it will take forever to clean and organise things in a decent way. Have a look at our tiny room, the messy room, after I started to clean it:


Basically this room was our dumping ground. Every time we had visitors, we removed the mess from the living room and dumped in there, “for later”. Nobody could get in there!

I spent a couple of hours sorting out some papers and only that. My allergy attacked me really bad with the dust and I had to stop for a day. I’m resuming work soon, but it’s so depressing the amount of crap in this room and the amount of work that is needed.

And this is only ONE tiny room. This might be the messier but the others are not too far behind.

I’ll post a photo of the progress of this room later. Wish me luck!


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