Life in a nutshell


Today was Laura’s first day at the new nursery – just an hour as part of the settle in sessions. It wasn’t too bad, but she didn’t want to play with the kids, she didn’t want to go to the garden, she wanted to be where her eyes good see me. Fair enough, I would love to have a familiar face very close to me every time I start a new job.


Sunday we all went to central London to celebrate the birthday of one of Laura’s friend from the old nursery (which reminds me that I have to write to the girl’s mother). It was next door to the nursery and 2 minutes walking from work. We went by train, which proved to be an adventure. Picture this: a pram with a 3 week old breastfed baby, a 3 years old toddler that wants to be with her mum all the time, grandparents that are not familiar with London – one of them doesn’t speak a single word of English. We should have a train from where I live straight to Waterloo, but the train was cancelled. I thought we could change at London Bridge and catch a train to Charing X, but all trains were cancelled from London Bridge, so we had to go to Canon Street (cross the bridge) and then catch another train to Charing Cross (cross the same bridge going back). On a Sunday. A sunny Sunday. The Coronation Sunday. (*)

(*) If you are not from London or UK or don’t know the city, you probably don’t have a clue about what I’m writing here. Trust me: not as bad as it sounds, but not the best of the journeys either.

We got there fine, we allowed plenty of time for this trip. The birthday was at Nando’s, at 2pm – I honestly thought that it was going to be a birthday celebration, so we had lunch before (Laura eats at 12) and the plan was to leave at 4pm. The birthday girl and guests arrived late and they were all going to order food, so the cake and happy birthday only came around 4pm. We left after 5pm and got home just after 7pm (the train to my house would have taken 40 minutes if things were working). Honestly? It was a great day. Laura had so much fun, Bea behaved like an angel, it was sunny and nice. Oh, and daddy had some me-time on his own at home and we managed to watch the game Brazil vs England.


Speaking of (football – soccer if you are American) games, I know I always say that, but watching Brazilian matches just make me sick. Don’t get me wrong, I support my country, but I suffer so much that I get sick. I feel like after every match I am a year older. So you can imagine how many years “I lose” during the world cup, eh? The match on Sunday was a friendly, but I was so nervous and so annoyed. The team was playing well (especially compared to previous matches) but it just seemed like the English goal was sealed. And of course, the team doesn’t need to play a beautiful and brilliant football to score and England managed to score twice even though playing not as good as Brazil.

Despite trying to support England in any competition, I still cannot support them over Brazil, sorry. We should consider ourselves lucky to be able to cheer four different nations in our house: Romania, Brazil, England (GB) and Portugal. But maybe we should try to get other citizenships to increase our chances in the World Cup and Olympics.


I can’t believe Bea is nearly a month old. She is soooooo sweet and I can’t believe how peaceful she is despite the craziness going around the house (I mean all the noises, so many people, loud TV, bright lights, etc). Second children/youngest siblings are warriors. And I might write a post about it in a near future.

She’s been trying to lift her head (she can, for a few seconds), she is rehearsing some smiles, the adorable baby noises are more frequent, her funny facial expressions are cuter by the day, she is losing her hair, she sleeps more than Laura used to but gets very cranky and cries a lot after 5pm (like Laura used to), she loves her bath, she doesn’t complain when she has a dirty nappy and she loves car rides.

Yes, I know, it is too soon to describe her “personality” like this, things can and will change, especially during the first three months, when she is still finding her way outside the womb. But I love to see all these changes and try to predict how she is going to be.

She makes some very weird noises too, some of them remind me of little dinosaurs from Jurassic Park (the first film). I don’t sleep that well at night because of these noises, I keep wondering if she is alright, or if it’s really her (and not a little dinosaur in our room). I don’t remember Laura making weird noises at all.


My birthday is coming and I’m still not sure if I should celebrante it or not. Here is the thing: in this country, you need to send an invitation one or two months before, so people can put the date in the diary. But then, if you want to have something outdoors, you need to wait to see how the weather is going to be. I would like to have some sort of picnic in the garden, something simple and informal, but what if it rains? Picnic in the living room? Hmmm, maybe.

By the way, if you are wondering, the date is 22nd June, a Saturday. 🙂


I’m working on a to do list of things I need to sort while on maternity leave. The list is HUGE! So far, I haven’t been able to tick many items, but I’m hoping that in the next months I can say that I’ve done more than just being a mother (between you and me, I think that being a mother is more than enough and this is why I am on MATERNITY leave for, right? now try and convince my brain and husband about it…)

To celebrate the Queen’s coronation, a range of stamps were launched and apparently only a few households in the UK will get the chance to buy a collector’s card featuring the stamps (50,000 units are available, the brochure says).

I don’t collect stamps, I don’t collect merchandise of the Royal family, but I got my sample, just so I don’t regret it in the future.

Life in pictures:








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  1. Awn, did you go to the garden with her? So she can get used to the space while you are there with her?


    Great to know you guys can start coming out the cave again, will be nice to start planning stuff for you to get some fresh air and change scenery!


    I don’t think the football issue is a citizenship one, is the manager, I blame overpay and Big Phil for all the ugly ppor football we’ve been playing! There is no passion as such anymore on the game for a lot of players!


    Thanks for the warrior compliment! 🙂 And yeah, mum always said I was the quiet one, unless I was hungry or saw her cooking, then I would make some noise!


    You’re right about booking early, hahahaha…. We have a BBQ on 22nd in Southampton now and a gig to the Killers in London at night, but free on 23rd Sunday. Shall we do something then? =)


    For your to do list, don’t forget to fix the dishwasher!! =)


    Lovely lovely pics as always, particularly Laura’s and the one with Bea sucking her thumb!

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