TV and kids: Curious George


I’m not going to lie: my daughter watches way more TV than we would like her to. Sorry.

We limit the channels to CBeebies and Disney Junior, as these are the only two without commercials, and most of the times we record her favourite shows and this is what she watches.

One of her favourite shows at the moment is Curious George. I confess that this is also one of MY favourite TV shows (well, I can’t watch Criminal Minds anymore, can I?). We watch the old version, not the new CGI one. I don’t even know if the new episodes are CGI or if it’s just the feature films that are CGI.

There are episodes on You Tube if you want to have a look, but in a nutshell, George is a monkey, very curious like a child. Because of his curiosity, he ends up making a huge mess which always ends up well. George is a “city” monkey – I think the place is meant to be New York? – and he has an owner – the Man with the Yellow hat, who is the most patient person in the word.

The man with the yellow hat doesn’t have a name (in the CGI version, he has and it’s Ted), he is single and he looks after George as if he is his son. Intelligent  but clumsy, single father, patience, owns a flat in Manhattan and a house in the countryside… a great candidate for a husband, isn’t it? 😛

Anyway, I love to watch it with Laura – she loves it so much that sometimes she let’s the best laughters out with some funny thing that George does. And I’m the same, I’m always laughing with her. We never got her a book, but I’m going to look for the originals to see what she thinks about them (she loves books, she loves Curious George, so I guess it’s a win win situation).

Curious George is based on books by Margret Rey and H. A. Rey and was first publishing in 1941.

If you are not against TV for kids, I highly recommend Curious George.

Cover of one of the books

Cover of one of the books

(This is NOT a paid post)



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