Just another ordinary Thursday


Beatrice is 20 days old today – three weeks tomorrow! The Health Visitor came today to do the hearing test (we tried last week but she couldn’t make it work) and to weigh Bea. Two good news: she passed the test – we were joking that she was a bit deaf as she wasn’t bothered by Laura’s screams in her ears! And she is 3,520kg (600g since birth, which is pretty good).

Laura will start in a new nursery next week, not too far from here. The plan is to have her going three times a week so she has contact with other kids and start getting used to school. The other two days she will be at home, but I want to do a couple of activities with her, like swimming lessons.

Then I manage to do some ad hoc, silly things, but that I couldn’t find time to do: cut my nails, cut Laura’s nails, cut her fringe (oh, dear…) and bake a cake, which by the way, not only looks good, but also tastes good (corn flour cake).

The latest news on the weather is that there might not be summer this year – at all. Hopefully this will be only across Western Europe and if this is the case, I have to be thankful for my Eastern European husband. We are planning to spend a week or two toasting under the Romanian sun. I’m not sure I mentioned here, but the three or four times that I went to Romania was in winter and although all that snow and -10C temperatures is beautiful in the beginning, it gets annoying after the second time. So I can’t wait to get sunburned!

We are also thinking about going to the Northeast of Brazil at some point. Mr. C only knows a bit of Rio (city) and a couple of towns on the coast of the state and I love the Northeast, so why not? It’s not going to be easy to plan, but hopefully it will be quite exciting!



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  1. Oh is the decidion about Laura because you are on maternity leave or something you wanted to do anyways?
    The sunburning ideas looks good too, and going to southeast of Brazil would be more possible to get some sun during the winter there…
    Have you thought whereabouts?

    And let the cake season begin!

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