And you are 3 today


My little angel,

After almost two months talking about your birthday, it is finally here. You are 3, a big girl, Bea’s big sister, mum & dad pride and joy.

Three years old but forever my tiny little baby, born on a sunny warm Saturday, so loved since we found out you were coming.

You have grown so much in these three years. You are still a little girl, but also so smart and mature. So sweet and caring, but also so demanding and strong. The perfect cheeky monkey, with the biggest and warmest smile.

Last weekend mummy told you that it was your birthday on Wednesday and asked if you wanted a birthday cake. The answer couldn’t be more spontaneous and honest, just like you are: “no, thanks, I only want the gifts”. It is worth mentioning, for those who read this and think you are a material girl, that by gifts you mean anything. We told you that the card our neighbours sent us to congratulate us for Bea’s arrival was a birthday card and since then you carry it around and thank us for giving it to you. You are also happy with a plain latex balloon. And you love books. So, your “gifts” will come, but mum and dad don’t need to worry about getting a loan from the bank, because as a good little girl you are, you like everything that is given to you with love. Even if it’s a hug and a kiss.

Your 3rd birthday will be something small and cozy, just with our little family – grandma, grandpa, mum, dad and Bea. We might celebrate it again when the sun and heat show up, in summer (fingers crossed). We can celebrate it again and again and again. Because life with you is worth celebrating every month, every week, every day, every minute.

I hope there are no doubts in your heart, but if you ever feel unsure about how much we love you and how much you are important in our lives, read this note. You and your little sister Bea are the reason why mum and dad exist and are the happiest couple in the world. We love you so so so much and it is our mission in life to make sure you feel this love, you feel safe and protected, you are happy, you feel supported throughout your life choices.

Happy birthday, cheeky monkey! “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”.

Lots of love from all of us. Xx











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  1. Oh my… this pictures of Laura kissing baby Bea are ADORABLE and what you wrote just melted my heart ’cause I’m starting to realize how big this love can be.

    Happy birthday dear Laura. We’re going to meet on day and have tons of fun! Promise!


  2. Parabens Laura, muita saude, felicidades e diversao para voce.
    Chris parabens para voces pais tambem; ate’ porque tem um ditado que diz que quando nasce um bebe nasce uma mae e um pai.
    As fotos estao lindas e ela esta’ uma mocinha, carinho com irma e’ tudo de bom.
    * quero muito ir ve-las, me escreve quando der, please!

  3. Aaaah que linda!! 🙂
    Sou fã da Laura e mal posso esperar pra conhecer a Bea!! 🙂

    Muitas felicidades pra ela e pra vcs todos!!
    Super beijo!

  4. Happy Birthday Laura and may all your dreams come true! The picture of your girls are speechless, Chris. Kisses from all of us in RO.

  5. Awnn you got me emotional :’)
    Laura is amazing, just like you. The sincere and honest answer was just a sample on how much like you guys she is!
    Can’t wait for the Sun to come out and we all celebrate Laura’s presence in our lives.
    Might she read this note and know we all love her, since (literally) day one!

    All the best and great things to her and you guys xx

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