5 days later


Little baby is 5 days old and had a check up today. Newborns lose roughly 10% of their original weight during these first days (mainly liquid), but Bea only lost 5%, which is great. The midwife also took her blood sample (foot prick test) and she barely cried – brave girl.

On “mummy’s side”, I’ll have to start my pelvic floor exercises asap. This is something that can become an issue in the future, so better prevent it.

Some pics taken with the phone – I’m so rubbish at registering both my girls. It’s all in my memory though. 😉






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  1. Mas é cada foto mais fofa que a outra… a da Bea com a Laura então. Estou esperando o primeiro mas não paro de falar do segundo e do terceiro… acho que vou ser parideira, mas confirmo depois do parto hahahaha Beijos!!!

    • Menina, essa coisa de parir vicia, viu? Eu que nao queria saber mais nem de 2, muito menos 3, depois que vi a Bea nos meus bracos, ja estava pensando no 3o… felizmente “criar” filho eh dificil, assim rola um controle natural da nossa parte. hahaha

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