Three years old and so grown up


I’m very good at theories and very bad with practice. I do understand the “why” of several things but in practice, I lack patience and wisdom to act accordingly. I spoke too soon when I said that Laura was a brilliant Big Sis and all was going well. She has been quite difficult these days, treating the grandparents badly and having some really bad tantrums.

I totally understand where she is coming from – 1) she was taken from the nursery she enjoyed without being asked, all her friends are from the nursery and we have absolutely no contact with any of them (meaning she doesn’t have friends to play with now), 2) grandparents came to look after her, which always means that something is going on, 3) daddy is at home full time, which is rare and she wants to make the most of it, 4) we brought her much anticipated baby sister home, but all we do is ask her not to touch her face, her head, be careful, be gentle, don’t shout, let her sleep, etc. She went from overly excited to almost sad in 24 hours.

We try not to be too hard on her – daddy is better in this aspect – but sometimes we lose our patience with her. She, of course, reacts like a 3 years old kid would: she gets upset and shouts at us. But she actually surprised me with how mature she can be. I’ll give you two examples:

1) She went out with daddy and grandpa and acted very very badly when dad went for a haircut and left her with grandpa. She got home and came to me and we had a quick chat – I told her that grandparents came from far to be with her, play with her and they loved her. She asked for milk and I gave her. She went to the living room and hugged grandpa and said she was sorry (he even cried) and then asked for grandma and did the same. Honestly, this is more than I would do and I’m way older than her!!!

2) She asked where daddy was and I said he was sleeping upstairs with Bea. I asked her not to disturb them because they were very tired, and I was going to be very upset if she woke them up. She went upstairs and of course woke them up. I went upstairs to try to make Bea stop crying and I told Laura how upset I was because of what she had done. I took Bea and went to the other room to change her. Laura came to the room and said: “mummy, I’m really, really, really sorry. I’m so sorry.” She really meant it and I almost cried. I asked her why she didn’t want to play with her grandparents, and she replied “because I want to be just us, mummy, daddy, me and baby sister, nobody else”. Awwwwnnnn. Really? She wants to spend time just us, as a family of four. How cute is that? But what impressed me is that she knows it!

Ok, maybe this is nothing or very common out there, but I wasn’t expecting my baby to be so aware of things and so grown up. I have the feeling that I missed something here. 😦




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  1. Amiga… eu acho que o que você sente como “missing” é o fato de que você deve ter feito algumas coisas muito certas nesses 3 anos na forma como está criando a pequena. Os dois exemplos que você deu do que a Laura fez são adoráveis e muito raros para crianças dessa idade. Ela está frustrada por tantos motivos, mas ainda sim consegue analisar o próprio comportamento e reconhecer que foi longe demais… tem idéia? Eu com 36 anos não consigo fazer isso.

    Ela reconhecer você, o pai e a Bea (que é o mais impressionante) como o núcleo dela é realmente incrível. Diga a ela a todo momento que você reconhece o esforço que ela está fazendo… e se dê um desconto também. Love you.

  2. hahahaha
    aaah, tadinha dela… é muita coisa ao mesmo tempo pra processar, né? a vida dela mudou completamente de um dia pro outro…
    mas sim, muito madura!

  3. A cousin of mine were about 5 when her baby sis arrived and she acted so badly! She used to hide under the bed and not come out, didn’t want to eat, and had huge tantrums. I think Laura is amazing by wanting the spend time with the 4 of you, she is not wanting you 2 (mum and dad) just for herself, and I think that is positive already!

    I gotta say I am proud of how you raised her and considering, how great she’s being!

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