Selective memory


Mother Nature is wise, they say. “She” makes you forget about birth pain, sleepless nights, colics, cracked nipples, 3 hours feeds, etc. If our brain kept all these info, the world would probably have less people.


Jokes apart, after only 3 years, I forgot how babies have their own biological clock. Bea’s life outside the womb is an extension of how it was inside. In the womb, she used to sleep more during the day, with a few periods of activity, and she was more active during the night. Outside, she sleeps a good few hours during the day, but doesn’t want to sleep at night.

All would be fine, if she was a single child, but Big Sis Laura is wide awake from 6-7am and wants to play and have fun and be with mum and dad. So we cannot sleep during the day as she sleeps.

What a pain: colics

One thing I had problems with Laura and I will have with Bea as well is the evil colics. Firstly, I don’t look after what I eat and we know that what we eat goes through the milk and it can cause colics. Secondly, I’m really bad at putting the babies to burp. Bea falls asleep while feeding and I don’t like waking her up to burp. Bad, I know. I’m learning and I’m now creating the habit.

Bea has been showing signs of colics and we have all been suffering. It breaks my heart, because I know by experience how these things hurt and for a 3 day old baby is even worse – she cannot understand why she is in such pain and why her mummy and daddy cannot make it go away. Awwnn, poor thingy.

Thing is, there are things that can be done, but from what I’ve been reading it is one of these things that you can try to reduce, but it’s unlikely to avoid it completely. We will try to minimise her suffering as much as possible; wish us luck!

Hungry monster

Not sure if it is part of trying to make the pain from the colics stop, but from day 2, little Bea has been feeding like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like she is comfort feeding, as opposed to feeding because she is hungry. This afternoon, for example, she started her feed around 1pm, spent around 30-40 minutes on each breast, had a 10-15 min nap and went back to the same cycle. Until 4-5pm. Do I need to say that my nipples are completely sore and I almost cry when I have to breastfeed? I had this with Laura, because she had several growth spurts.

I don’t complain – breastfeeding is one of my “favourite” things about the newborn phase (together with all the funny/cute faces and noises they make at this age) – but I won’t pretend it isn’t tiring and painful.

Early days

We are in the very beginning of this new adventure. I’m sure I will get several of these “oh, yes, I had forgotten about that” moments. I had forgotten how small newborns were. Until Bea’s arrival, I used to look at Laura and see a 3 year old baby. I used to think that she is still quite small, tiny hands, feet, cute face, etc. Now with Bea, I look at Laura and I see a big child. It seems like she grew up so much in the last week!


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  1. You’re scaring the hell out of me… lol!!! Mas eu venho aqui todo dia que é pra poder ter o “choque de realidade” todos os blogs que leio as mães só descrevem o quão maravilhoso e mágico tudo isso é… mas eu sei que não é. Thanks for keeping it real 😉 Love, X.

    • hahahahaha Mas eh um mundo magico e maravilhoso justamente por tudo que envolve, de bom e de “ruim” (nao eh essa a palavra, mas bem…). AMO ver a carinha da Bea depois de mamar 8 litros de leite e quase arrancar sangue do meu peito, AMO saber que ela vai ficar saudavel, linda e bochechuda gracas a essa “tortura”. Eh tudo tao gostoso, fofolete, voce vai morrer de amor tambem!

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