The poll result


Ok, nobody got the date right.

There was one answer outside the selected one, 24th May, that said “for a different horoscope”. The date was wrong, but the answer wasn’t. Laura is Gemini (after 21st May), so if Beatrice was born on the 24th, she would still be Gemini. Since she was born on the 10th, she is a little Taurus girl. Different solar sign.

But the closest answers were the ones that said “when grandma arrives: 5th May”. It was only 5 days after they arrived; 8 days before the actual due date, and 12 days before big sis’ birthday.

There there, congrats to the guessers. I don’t know who all of you are, and since I didn’t ask for emails/names, I can’t even send you a “prize”. Haha


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