Laura: the Big Sis


I wasn’t sure – and a bit apprehensive to see – how Laura was going to react as a Big Sis.

She had our exclusive attention for almost 3 years, and although he understands and practices the concept of sharing, sharing her parents’ love is a completely different thing.

At the moment, it is cute to see her so excited to see and interact with Bea. She wants to touch, hold her, change the nappy “all by myself”. She keeps saying “Bea is soooo cute”.

There are some breaking heart moments too, when we ask her not to touch the baby’s head, or not to shout, or let her sister sleep. You can see in her face that she doesn’t understands why. And she also wants to stay more withher mummy. This morning we had a cuddle downstairs, while daddy and Bea slept upstairs. It was good for both of us.

On the hilarious side of things, people told me stories of older kids becoming babies again because they were jealous of their newborn siblings. My mum even told me the story of my cousin who went back to nappies and breastfeeding at the age of 4, when her brother was born. Laura’s reaction to breastfeeding was “yeak, why is she doing that?! Yuk!”, followed by a disgusted face. I explained that this is how she got her milk and that Laura also had milk the same way. She wasn’t very convinced.

She was also disgusted seeing us changing Bea’s nappy with her first poo. She didn’t want to see it or be too close to it. Hehe

For now, the experience has been quite funny. But it’s only the first days so let’s see how it goes.





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  1. Que coisa mais linda amiga!!! Laura parece estar genuinamente e feliz e mais do que isso, você estão fazendo questão de deixar ela super segura quanto ao amor de vocês. FELIZ DIA DAS MÃES com suas pequenas!!! Beijos!!!

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