38 weeks + 6 days: dear diary


2:30am. In pain. Still not sure if these are the early contractions. It feels like Bea just doesn’t have space in here and is a bit annoyed and moving as much as possible.

I’m sleepy but can’t sleep with the on/off pain. Yuk!

I had the “show” thingy yesterday, again. I mean, I had a bit of bleeding in the morning, before the scan, and then had more, stronger, in the evening.

I’m hoping to experience my waters breaking, as I didn’t have this with Laura.

I’m hungry but don’t want to go downstairs. Maybe I should? Walking makes the pain (temporarily) go away, but going upstairs increases the contraction. So the question is: do I want the contractions or is it better to just sleep and resume the “works” in the morning?

Hmmmm, not sure, but since I need a wee, I might as well extend the trip to the kitchen.


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