38 weeks + 5 days: dear diary


This morning I had a check up scan to see where baby B is. Well, she is in my tummy but since the midwife couldn’t find her, we were going to see her.

She is where she is meant to be: upside down and in position. Cutsie pie was sucking her finger when we caught her on camera and all seems well.

We didn’t double check if she is really a girl, because this wasn’t the purpose of the san. Lots of people recently saying that it’s easier to mistake the gender when it’s a “girl” and joking I should get a couple of blue clothes and have a boy name as back up. I’m not worried about it; in my head she is Baby Bea but if the scan was wrong and it’s a boy… Well, that will be funny. We will have 6 weeks to come up with a name as we don’t have ANY boy names we both like.

This morning I had a little bit of bleeding, a tiny but. I had this with Laura (earlier in the pregnancy) and end up being monitored for hours and hours at the hospital – just to find out all was well with both of us.

I decided not to say anything at the scan, unless there was something wrong.

I don’t think it’s “the show” yet, but I’ll keep an eye on it.


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