38 weeks + 3 days


Once again I miscalculated (I did? The midwife?) the weeks and I’m not in werk 39, but still 38. Anybody anxious there? I promise it’s not my fault, the midwife kept track of it in my book and had the date wrong in there as well.

Anyhoo, we sorted this out and the routine appointment went on. Urine sample – ok, blood pressure – ok, baby’s heatbeat – ok, but it was hard to find.

No panic, but hmmmmm, baby Bea has been naughty. All that moving and pain and weirdness of Sunday/Monday was probably baby moving and dancing in my tummy (result of busy day at the airport picking up Laura from the floor, standing up, bending down, and the cgange of the moon?).

So if she has been upside down all this time and partially engaged, she is now in breech position. Actually, we don’t exactly how she ia positioned because she couldn’t feel the baby’s head and limbs at all. It was like the baby was hidden somewhere in there; but, hey, where? It’s not like I have plenty of space for her to play hide and seek.

What does it mean? That baby B has a few days to turn back to the right position, I will try to help her somehow and if needed the midwife will as well (not sure how). Thing is, midwives here won’t risk a normal/natural birth with a breech baby, and chances of a C section are bigger. My midwife was quite relaxed about it, but wants to arrange a scan to “find” Bea’s head.

So, this appointment was mainly to find out that it is not as close to the end as we? I? you? expected but final chapters of this story will be quite exciting.


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  1. Dizem que a gravidez demora 8 meses e 1 século…
    É isso mesmo?? hehehe

    Boa sorte com a baby B…
    Que ela se posicione direito e venha ao seu tempo!

    • Eh isso mesmo!! Os tres primeiros meses demoraram um tempao, porque era “segredo”, depois o final se arrasta (pelo menos pra mim). O pior eh querer fazer certas coisas (arrumar a casa, arrastar moveis, pintar paredes, pregar quadros), mas o corpo nao acompanhar. :-S Mas vai passar rapidinho!

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