39 weeks: dear diary


It’s past 1am and I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep because my body is preparing me for what is to come (more sleepless nights) and because I need to write this post down for my future reference.

Despite having a normal birth with Laura, I missed some of the signs my body gave me – or should have – to announce the start of the process. For example, I have no idea when and how my waters broke. Apparently it was there on Friday morning, then it wasn’t when I checked in at the hospital Friday evening. Reading about other women’s experiences about it, I didn’t have the feeling that “someone threw a bucket of warm water on me”, or that “I peed myself”, etc. And then there were the signs I wasn’t sure they were signs, like throwing up violently an hour before going to the hospital (and continuing there) – it was the way my body found to “clean” itself.

So, I will probably post on a daily basis or whenever I notice something difference, so everything is recorded. If this is something that doesn’t interest you, just skip the posts “Dear diary”, ok? I promise I don’t get offended. 😉


This morning I started to feel heavier. If you know what Braxton Hicks contractions are and you are familiar with the feeling, think a continuous HB. Tummy extremely hard, like a rock. And some extra pressure on the pelvis. I didn’t do anything special this morning – the usual “laundry” and “preparing lunch” before heading to the airport to collect my mom.

We went to airport and had to wait a couple of hours until they showed up. In the meantime, I walked around (two visits to the loo), had Krispy Kream doughnuts, stood up most of the time, and rescue daddy from one of Laura’s tantrums (when she went to the floor under the escalators and scarred everybody around with her screams). I think this tantrum episode was the only one that I did some “major” effort – I had to bend over to get to her, hold her in my arms to calm her down and go under the security belt to leave the area. Nothing to bad, but tiring for someone carry “two”.

Since then, this funny feeling is always present: I can feel my hip bones expanding, I can feel Baby B much lower (I can actually feel her hiccups now), I can feel a lot of pressure of “gravity” pushing the baby down and I can feel a constant – but mild – pain. No other signs, so not to be concerned. Baby B is not coming tonight, but now I’m not 100% sure she will wait for her due date to come (I had a feeling she was lazy like big sis).

It’s been uncomfortable to sleep with this “pain”, but I’m hoping to get use to it.


Quick research on the blog and found this two posts related to Laura’s birth:

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