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Just another ordinary Thursday


Beatrice is 20 days old today – three weeks tomorrow! The Health Visitor came today to do the hearing test (we tried last week but she couldn’t make it work) and to weigh Bea. Two good news: she passed the test – we were joking that she was a bit deaf as she wasn’t bothered by Laura’s screams in her ears! And she is 3,520kg (600g since birth, which is pretty good).

Laura will start in a new nursery next week, not too far from here. The plan is to have her going three times a week so she has contact with other kids and start getting used to school. The other two days she will be at home, but I want to do a couple of activities with her, like swimming lessons.

Then I manage to do some ad hoc, silly things, but that I couldn’t find time to do: cut my nails, cut Laura’s nails, cut her fringe (oh, dear…) and bake a cake, which by the way, not only looks good, but also tastes good (corn flour cake).

The latest news on the weather is that there might not be summer this year – at all. Hopefully this will be only across Western Europe and if this is the case, I have to be thankful for my Eastern European husband. We are planning to spend a week or two toasting under the Romanian sun. I’m not sure I mentioned here, but the three or four times that I went to Romania was in winter and although all that snow and -10C temperatures is beautiful in the beginning, it gets annoying after the second time. So I can’t wait to get sunburned!

We are also thinking about going to the Northeast of Brazil at some point. Mr. C only knows a bit of Rio (city) and a couple of towns on the coast of the state and I love the Northeast, so why not? It’s not going to be easy to plan, but hopefully it will be quite exciting!



52 objects: week 41


What is it? A poster of London

Where is it? At the top of the stairway

Where did it come from? I think I bought it on a random poster website, I can’t remember which one

Why was it chosen? I have to confess that I wasn’t sure about including this here or not. This poster was an impulse purchase, but I didn’t fall in love with it at first. I wanted something red and black as I was testing the colour scheme for our house when we moved. I thought it was a bit (a bit?) tacky, but now I’m so used to it that I can’t imagine it not being there.

What else? I bought several other pictures, but they are a pain to find frames that fit them. Most of them will have to be custom made, which can be very expensive. This one was easy peasy, as it comes in a standard size and I got a frame on Amazon. No wonder why I have more frames and pictures on the floor than on the walls…


Two weeks


And two weeks have gone by so quickly. Or maybe not.

I’m pretty sure most mums avoid comparing the new baby with previous one(s), but also can’t help comparing them. It is not in the bad way – I would say it is almost for “educational” purposes.

Laura was a quiet baby for… a day or two. Then she showed that she had strong lungs and an appetite of a lion. She would only sleep in our arms, with us sitting on the pilates ball or rocking chair. Maybe I walked a lot while pregnant, so she was used to movement. Beatrice was a quite baby for almost 12 days. She is was so peaceful that we would even forget about her. She sleeps used to sleep in the moses basket or the pram for 3 or 4 hours in row and sometimes I had to wake her up for a feed. But at night… hmmmm… after 11pm or midnight the colics kick off and keep us all awake most of the night. The poor baby suffers so much. I think Laura also suffered with winds/colics because we gave her Infacol when she was a month or two old. The health visitor suggested giving it to Bea as well, but I was wondering if I should wait.

We gave Laura a dummy sometime between 4 and 8 weeks (I can’t remember exactly, but we were desperate) and had it up to last December (roughly 2 years and 1/2). I was hoping to avoid dummies with Beatrice but it will depend on how good she is to be calmed down. I don’t like the idea of dummies but I’m also not 100% against it. If we decide to go for it, I will aim to remove it by 12 months.

Laura cried a lot when she had her first bath, 24 hours after birth. Beatrice only had her first proper bath after the belly bottom fell off, a week after she was born, and she didn’t cry at all. I used to give Laura a bath every single day, but I’m way more relaxed with Bea (maybe because it is way colder than it was in 2010) and I clean her with cotton wool (top and tail or cat bath) every day instead of bathing her every day.

Because it was warmer when Laura was born, she used to be just on nappies quite a lot and we were always outdoors. Bea spends most of the time in the house and full of clothes (I’m scared that she might catch a cold or something like that). And although I try to massage Bea whenever she is being cleaned or having her nappy changed, the skin to skin contact with her is a fraction of what it was with Laura, to my dispair.

Laura was on antibiotics from day one because of some liquid found in her kidneys – her belly bottom fell off after a couple of weeks because for the antibiotics. Bea didn’t have this. They both had vitamin K just after birth.

Laura was born with 3,120kg, but I have no idea of her height as it wasn’t common practice to measure babies at the hospital she was born. She lost approximately 10% of her weight after birth but there’s no records of her weight by day 10; Bea was 2,920kg and 52cm at birth, went to 2,860kg at day 5 and 3,060kg at day 10.

We kept the house relatively peaceful for Laura. She turned out to be an active and very loud child. The house cannot be kept quiet for Bea (which drives mummy a bit crazy) – I hope she will be a sweet and calm little girl (active, but not loud, if this is even possible).

I had post-natal depression with Laura and started with medication when she was 7 months old; only stopped the pills when trying to get pregnant, last year. I carried on breastfeeding as the GP said that stopping it would cause more harm then good. I’m hoping I can avoid it with Bea, but I have to say that avoiding baby blues in this country is a bit hard, as we can have winter blues even in spring (and summer!).

I put on (a lot of) weight breastfeeding Laura; a month after giving birth, I had lost 8kg of the 11kg I put on during pregnancy; two months after giving birth, I put on the 8kg back. I don’t have high hopes to lose weight breastfeeding Bea. But, hey, maybe things are different. So far, in two weeks, I lost almost all the baby weight I put on during this pregnancy, which was roughly 6 to 7kg. I still have 1kg to go, but as with Laura, breastfeeding makes me ravenous and I eat the whole day, all the time and not the healthier options…


Post-natal procedures

Right after giving birth, we are still checked by the hospital’s or community’s midwives, until we are discharged by them, which occurs around day 10 after the baby is born. They check both mum and baby and have some routine tests, which include the heel prick test (they take blood sample from the baby’s heel at day 5). Then the health visitor takes over, looking after the baby and to some extension, the mother, but we, mums, have to go to the GP if we have any issues. Also, the 6 to 8 weeks review (for both mum & baby) is done by the GP, and all the immunisations (which start from 8 weeks) are done by a nurser at the GP.

And you are 3 today


My little angel,

After almost two months talking about your birthday, it is finally here. You are 3, a big girl, Bea’s big sister, mum & dad pride and joy.

Three years old but forever my tiny little baby, born on a sunny warm Saturday, so loved since we found out you were coming.

You have grown so much in these three years. You are still a little girl, but also so smart and mature. So sweet and caring, but also so demanding and strong. The perfect cheeky monkey, with the biggest and warmest smile.

Last weekend mummy told you that it was your birthday on Wednesday and asked if you wanted a birthday cake. The answer couldn’t be more spontaneous and honest, just like you are: “no, thanks, I only want the gifts”. It is worth mentioning, for those who read this and think you are a material girl, that by gifts you mean anything. We told you that the card our neighbours sent us to congratulate us for Bea’s arrival was a birthday card and since then you carry it around and thank us for giving it to you. You are also happy with a plain latex balloon. And you love books. So, your “gifts” will come, but mum and dad don’t need to worry about getting a loan from the bank, because as a good little girl you are, you like everything that is given to you with love. Even if it’s a hug and a kiss.

Your 3rd birthday will be something small and cozy, just with our little family – grandma, grandpa, mum, dad and Bea. We might celebrate it again when the sun and heat show up, in summer (fingers crossed). We can celebrate it again and again and again. Because life with you is worth celebrating every month, every week, every day, every minute.

I hope there are no doubts in your heart, but if you ever feel unsure about how much we love you and how much you are important in our lives, read this note. You and your little sister Bea are the reason why mum and dad exist and are the happiest couple in the world. We love you so so so much and it is our mission in life to make sure you feel this love, you feel safe and protected, you are happy, you feel supported throughout your life choices.

Happy birthday, cheeky monkey! “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”.

Lots of love from all of us. Xx










52 objects: week 40


What is it? Girls’ bookshelf

Where did it come from? I bought online, probably on Amazon.

Why was it chose? Ok, it’s not MY object, but it’s something I really like. It keeps the books tidy in their room, helps Laura with her ABCs and encourage her to tidy her books based on their size.

What else? they have so many books that soon we will need a new shelf.


Eight days old on the day she was meant to come


Today was meant to be Bea’s due date. She decided to come 8 days early, which is great – we got to enjoy her presence a few days more.

She is adorable, doesn’t cry too much (only when in pain or hungry), and is very cute. I know it’s too soon to say how she will turn out, and she might change dramatically as she grows older. But this first week with her has be delicious to have her in our family (except the few days that she didn’t want to sleep at night – not delicious, but understandable).

She is a good sleeper – unlike her big sister, she sleeps in her moses basket or pushchair for hours. Laura only slept in our arms.

She is a good drinker – she had her first drink in her first minutes outside and since then she hasn’t detached from my breasts, unless when sleeping. Last night she fed from midnight to 3am, with three pauses to change her nappy.

She is a good girl – she doesn’t complain about the noise, about her sister screaming in her ears, when we turn the lights on…

She is a big pooper – she pooes as much as she eats. Laura wasn’t like that. I hardly had to change Laura’s nappies in the middle of the night and I only saw Laura pooing a couple of times when she was a baby. Bea is all the time. She also wees a lot. I hope this is a good sign.

She is officially Beatrice! Last Tuesday we got an appointment to register her – we were told it was taking two weeks to get a slot, but we had one for the following day I called them. I took several documents (passport, marriage certificate, proof of address), but nothing was required except the hospital discharge documents (which doesn’t prove I’m her mum…).




Places to visit before “they die”


I read a couple of articles lately about places in danger of not existing in a few years.

The USA Today website published the list of 10 wonders of the world in danger of disappearing. The Great Wall in China, the pyramids in Egypt, the city of Petra in Jordan, the Great Barrier reef in Australia and Machu Picchu in Peru are some of them. Sad to see that I haven’t been to any of them and very unlikely that I will visit them anytime soon. I’ll have to put the up in my to go list.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Pyramids in Egypt

Pyramids in Egypt

All photos above taken from the USA Today article.

The other article was in Stylist magazine (issue 169, 17 April 2013). It was about the Maldives, the smallest country in Asia and also the earth’s lowest, and because of that, is at risk of disappearing (some say that it would happen in 20 years) So, my friend, if you haven’t visited the Maldives yet, maybe you should consider it soon.

The article also listed another 5 destinations in danger of not being here when my great grandchildren are born. They are:

Solomon Islands, Pacific Ocean – most of them have fallen victim to loggin, but the magazine recommends Tetapare, the one that remains pristine, if you want to experience what the Solomon Islands were one day.
Cuba, not because it will physically disappear, but because it will lose its “characteristics” once the US dollar is allowed in;
the Dead Sea, which is the lowest place on earth and getting lower every year;
Glacier National Park, Montana – apparently, it could be gone by 2020!;
The Atlantic Forest, South America – now, with only 7% of its original size, this is a must go if you are visiting Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.

The Atlantic Forest (Brazil)

The Atlantic Forest (Brazil)

The Madives

The Madives

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

Photos sourced from the internet – click on them to go to original websites.

Interesting to see that the places in both lists are all different, so now you have 15 new places to add to your bucket list. đŸ˜‰

Have you visited any of these places? Which ones do you recommend?