Baby bump: 37 weeks & a poll


My midwife love saying that from now on the baby is ready to come and she might come tomorrow on my way to work. All I can say is that she is welcomed whenever she wants to come, but I have a feeling that she doesn’t want to come anytime soon.

She is now in a “good position” to come – meaning that she is upside down. I still want to her be in here for a couple of weeks or more, so she can put on weight and grow, as she should. I asked about birth induction, as this time I don’t want even to think about it (with Laura, they booked for a Tuesday, she was born the Saturday before). The midwife explained that after 42 weeks, the baby is fully formed and the bowels can start working – and one thing that they are scared here is if the baby poos while in the tummy. Another thing I need to read about, as nobody explained this to me the first time round.

Here I am wondering when little Bea / Bia will come to this world when I decided to create this poll – I’ve never did one. When do you think she will be born? No prizes involved (not for now at least), just for a bit of fun. 🙂


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  1. Sou uma avó brasileira de duas netas cujo pai é romeno. E as duas nasceram no mesmo dia. E a segunda também chama Beatriz. Quem sabe as coincidências continuam?

    • Nossa, adorei seu comentario e as coincidencias!!! Sera, sera? Infelizmente marido Romeno bateu o pe em relacao a grafia do nome e minha Bea sera Beatrice… mas sera chamada Beatriz pela mae aqui. 😀

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