As good as it gets


I gave Laura an ice lolly and left her in the living room while I was chatting with daddy in the kitchen. She comes over and say:
– I ate all my ice lolly!
– You ate or dropped on the floor? – asks mummy, surprised on how quickly she ate it.
– I dropped it on the carpet.
– Where?! I can’t see anything – mummy, on her knees, desperate to clean the mess.
– because it’s now in my mouth!!

Today Laura was in a mood swing. Such a pain to leave the house in the morning. Super fine on the way back home. Alternating being a pain and being cool in the evening.

Most painful moments were bath time and going to bed – she was crying hysterically because 1) she didn’t want to have a bath (“I don’t like bath”) and 2) she wanted to sleep holding her hair clips and daddy didn’t give them to her. Really?!

Two cans of condensed milk in 4 days. Worrying, isn’t it? By the way, this was me, not Laura.

Four days of amazing weather. I hope it’s not a dream of which I will wake up soon. I’m loving it!

The flowers have bloomed overnight and all gardens look amazing, almost by miracle. Except ours, because we don’t have time for the miracle of garden centres (buy plants, 3 for 1 offers).

Another seven working days and I am free (from work)!


I can’t wait!


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