Since Sunday we have been blessed with gorgeous days. Beautiful warm gorgeous days. May them last until October!

I’m entering the 9th month and although I’m still one of the smallest nearly-there bump size I know, the muscles around the tummy seem to have reached their maximum in terms of stretch. It’s actually a bit painful.

And since we are talking about body changes: the bones in my hips are also quite painful. If I had to guess, I would say it’s the pain of the bones preparing to give some room for birth. I had forgotten about that.

Nearly there also with baby name. We are now debating on the spelling. In English is Beatrice, in Portuguese is Beatriz. Hubby swears that in Romanian would spell Beatrice but pronounce Beatris (“z” in Romanian has a proper “z” sound, whilst in Portuguese, in this case, it would be an “s” sound). I’m slightly reluctant to write Beatrice, because I don’t want people calling her Beatriche, which is how “ce” is pronounced in Romanian and Italian.

What do you think, peeps? Am I just being a pain?

I would like to start calling Baby 2 by her name, so Laura gets used to it instead of just calling her “baby sister”.

Still on names, it seems that Nina will keep being the 2nd option. We really like the name, but never enough to actually name our daughters. 😦

Does it sound like the name of the youngest of all? Should I name my 4th daughter Nina? I have this recurring dream that we will try for a boy and end up with four daughters (and no sons).

And since I haven’t been posting Laurinisms lately, here are some of the things we have heard in the past weeks (months?)
– This dog is SO cuuuuuuuute (she closes her eyes to say cute).
– This is A-MA-ZING!
– Oh, my, this is delicious!
–! (when I showed her the mark left by the whooping cough jab)
– Caca, bleargh, bleargh (when she pooes)
– I need to work to. (then she gets the computer or phone and pretends to type)
– Pay attention, everyone. I’m gonna do the show. (she grabs a stick to be her microphone and either sing or “do the balance/ballet”)
– WELL DONE, mummy, good girl!


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  1. Eu acho Beatriz lindo! Mas também teria dúvidas quanto a Beatrice/Beatriz!
    Tenho uma amiga que está com praticamente o mesmo tempo de gestação que você, ela marcou o parto pra semana que vem.. E tem reclamado das mesmas dores!

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