On marriage, things you shouldn’t do when you are pregnant and needing a new vacuum cleaner


This year I didn’t forget our wedding anniversary, phew! This is a man’s thing, isn’t it? To forget birthdays, special days… I don’t mind Mr. C forgetting dates; when I want him to remember something, I tell him about it. Why bother getting stressed about it, isn’t it?

The “big” day was yesterday, 10th April. Three years ago we were exchanging rings, signing papers and becoming Mr. and Mrs…. oh, wait, we didn’t change our names. But I went from Miss to Mrs.The wedding was quite fun, despite being everything but romantic. We were already living together, bought a house and were expecting Laura in a bit more than a month from the wedding day. Not being married didn’t bothered me, but I like being married. Organising everything in two weeks was fun, finding a (white-ish) dress that would fit the bump – and was inexpensive as well, ordering flowers from the lady across the street, borrowing stuff from friends, finding something blue (something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue), crossing the city to get the hair and nails done… All simple, affordable, cute and fun – couldn’t be more Mr. C and I.

Why not celebrate then? Because we never celebrated the date. Firstly because we normally celebrate our first date, in October. Secondly because for some reason April seems to be always a big rush in our lives. Last year we were taking Laura from the nursery she was in, my mother in law was over to look after her and as usual we didn’t take advantage of our family around to go out just the two of us. Anyhoo, I’m not complaining. We are the type of couple that celebrates things by simply living our normal lives. Ha, profound.

On the 10th I was meant to meet some girl friends for dinner and chat. So instead of celebrating with hubby, I was going to have a girlie night, uhuu! But then, the preggie here, late to work, decides to run to catch the train that was just getting to the platform. Honestly, I’ve done this several times, I run out of breath, but I’m normally fine. I caught the train, hurray, sat down, caught my breath, but as soon as I tried to leave the train, I couldn’t walk! The pain was abnormal. It took me 30 minutes to go from the station to work, when it should take me 10 minutes. Loads of people stopped to ask if I was ok. The pain was on the right side, between by leg and tummy. It was so bad that I was using my chair as a a wheel chair and the guys at work were so worried that they got me a taxi home. Of course our girlie night had to be cancelled because I wasn’t able to get to the restaurant. Sad, isn’t it? So, pregnant ladies out there, a train is just a train – unless you are ubber fit to run a marathon 8 months pregnant, don’t bother running to catch a train to work, especially when you are less than 3 weeks to go on maternity leave. I’m much better today, but it still hurts.

It’s not like pregnant women are fragile and should be in a bubble for 9 months. It’s just that the body is not as agile as before, the muscles pull more easily and there’s a huge belly on the way. Even ordinary tasks can be really hard to accomplish, like vacuum cleaning the house. Our vacuum cleaner isn’t working as well as it should. It drive me nuts how disposable these electrical equipments are these days; I can’t find even the bags for our VC!! I have to buy from specialist websites, a generic one. So I have been looking for a new one, something not too big (some VCs are my size!), easy to use, not overly expensive and powerful. Something that will do the work for me and not give me back pain. With two kids, I will need speed and power to finish the housework during their nap time. But I just don’t seem to find anything that fits the bill out there.

P.S.: I have a cleaner and she normally does the vacuum cleaning here. But as with all cleaners in this country, the cleaning is not good enough for me (especially because she spends only two hours here), so I’m planning to do the job myself while on maternity leave. Wish me luck!


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