Downe House, Charles Darwin House


Yesterday we finally went to Charles Darwin’s house, which is very close to us, in Downes, Bromley, south east London.

We are members of the English Heritage, but thanks to the bad weather, we haven’t had much chance to explore the sites. We need to go to places where Laura can run and get some fresh air, otherwise we will be kicked out of places. Either that or we will ruin other people’s day out.

Anyhoo, the place is quite interesting, especially if you are into his evolution theories. It was also a nice day out – the place is in a cute village and there are some nice walks surrounding the house, where Darwin himself use to go when he wanted to think.

He wrote “On the origin of the species” in this house and lived there with his family for 40 years, until he died in 1882. His travel journals are there as well as records of his 5 year trip around “the world”. You can find all the information online, but there’s something special about being at the place where it all happened.

It is quite interesting for kids as well – I’ve seen several of them taking notes; I think they were writing reports for school. Not that many young kids, I think Laura was by far the youngest. There’s a room where kids can play with toys (a huge set of chess and domino, some plastic insects, a dress up corner) and Laura had fun there. She also like running around the house, to my despair. And of course she liked the gardens (not so pretty due to the lack of Spring). Unfortunately I couldn’t see things in detail, as I was with Laura most of the time so Mr. C and his mum (she is a biology teacher) could go around and read the whole thing.

It’s not allowed to take photos in the house, so all I have are the ones from outside.



More info:
Downe House
Open from 10am to 5pm, Wed to Sun
Tickets: £10 (adult), £9 (concession), £6 (kids 5-15).

We have the English Heritage membership, which cost £48/year per person, so we didn’t pay to go in.


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