Baby: week 35


Nearly there. Still a month and a bit to go, but I’m sure it will go quickly.

Back pains are more frequent now. Breathing is even harder than before. Sleepiness is a constant in my life. On the other hand, I’m not sleeping well at all. All I can do is count the days to stop working. Another week has gone, three more to go.

Laura has been “interacting” more with her baby sister. Yesterday she was on and on on how she will be the big sister, and how she will visit her baby sister in her house (“Laura, baby sister will live with us and will share your bedroom”. “Oh, yes, and we will play!!!”), and how she will help change nappies and give her a bath. Funny how she says “baby sister”, but refers to her as “him”.

I think I’ve mentioned here a couple of times, but I haven’t been able to enjoy this pregnancy as much. Busy with the first child, busy at work, tired, awfully sick, the heartburns only getting worse,… It’s not as enjoyable as the previous one. One thing I love, though, is feeling the little one moving, kicking, trying to find a comfy position in the womb.

Looking back at all the things we did or didn’t do with Laura, I keep thinking what would we do differently with Baby 2. Breastfeed on demand until 2? No bottles until then? Bottles after then? Will we give her a dummy? Bath or shower (as silly as it sounds – Laura hates washing her hair, it’s always a HUGE scandal; she also hates showers)? Swimming lessons from 3 months old? Nursery or nanny or none?

35th week starts with more questions than answers. As time approaches, all my certainties are gone and all I’m left with are doubts and the urgent need to do it right (although I don’t feel we’ve done wrong with Laura).

Here is a photo taken this morning, in the office bathroom, looking exactly like I feel: a mess. (FYI: I didn’t brush my hair this morning, I have absolutely no make up on, my breakfast was a can of Sprite, and I didn’t sleep well)



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  1. Tá passando rápido né, Chris? Daqui a pouco a pequena já estará aí nos seus braços 🙂 E concordo com a Helô. O legal é contar a experiência assim como ela é, com seus lados bons e os menos bons. Aliás, assim como tudo na vida, né? Isso de ficar só idealizando um mundo perfeito, rosa e purpurinado é muito irreal e todo mundo sabe que não é assim. Prefiro relatos “vida real”, assim como o seu 🙂

  2. Chris, já falei também que adoro a sua honestidade em relação à filhos e gravidez e etc 🙂
    Guenta aí que só falta mais um pouquinho até a bebelucha estar nos seus braços 🙂

    Mas ó, não achei que vc tá uma “mess” não. Pelo menos pela foto, tá lindona a sua barriga 🙂

    Tô aqui te mandando good vibes e querendo ver a carinha da bebelucha logo! 🙂

    Beijo grande! xx

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