Birth plan


As with Laura’s birth, I’m trying to keep my mind open for the big day. Unlike in Brazil, here a C section is not something easy to get. It wouldn’t be my first option anyway. For me, a Cesarian is the last option, when there’s nothing else to do, natural birth “didn’t work”, baby is at risk, etc. I don’t like surgeries; if I did, I would have undergone a liposuction ages ago.

I was pretty happy that I managed to have a normal birth with Laura, but I got to the hospital already asking for the epidural. I felt quite a bit of pain even with it, so I wonder how much more pain it would have been without it. I learned from previous experience that it’s ok to have plans, but I can’t be dreamy about them. I was thinking about considering a home birth or going to the birthing centre, but I know these are not as easy as they seem in my head.

I do know now some of the signs my body will give me when I’m getting ready for the big event. My labour was induced because of my lack of information and midwives’ anxiety. And being induced didn’t help things at all. It didn’t give my body the chance to start the process naturally. I didn’t like to be stuck in bed, I would rather be able to walk around to see if it would have helped ease the pain.

I still have around six-seven weeks to go, which is a long time to go, but birth plan starts from 36 weeks, which is in two weeks time. I’m trying not to get to anxious about it, because as an anxious person, my blood pressure tends to go up and this creates panic within the midwives and this is when they decide to induce and keep me in bed. Although I heard amazing things about having a doula during birth, I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having a(nother) stranger with me, even though it’s for the best.

Let’s see how the next appointments go.


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