Naughty cutsie Laura


Laura is nearly 3 years old. This stage is extremely funny – the things that she says and does either make me laugh or drive me nuts, but usually it’s more laughter, at least when I am in a “normal” mood.

She is a very messy girl – I guess all kids are – and very cheeky. The day before yesterday she made a huge mess in the living room and I didn’t tidy up. So when we got home yesterday, the mess was still there (of course). She went to the living room and came back to me in the hall and said, outraged: “mummy, look at this place, it’s a mess!!!!”. I was in shock for 1 second, then I saw the mess she was talking about and asked her “who made this mess?”. “Laula did”. At least she is honest (and to be fair, she also ‘helps’ tidying up).

Ages ago, I met this guy on the train. He was taking his two kids to the nursery, very close to Laura’s nursery. I met him a couple of times during that week and couldn’t resist telling he was my hero, I wished my husband would do the same. Of course he had to tell me that this was his wife’s job (why am I not surprised?) but she was away in business. A couple of weeks later, I saw his wife with the two kids getting on the same train as I was and I heard her speaking Portuguese to the kids. A Brazilian! Few days later, I saw her again and decided to talk to her. I told her the whole story and she was quite happy that she met another Brazilian in the area. We don’t normally catch the same train, but when we do, it’s always like we know each other for ages. People around us are not that happy – 3 very active children on the same carriage? Speaking a weird language? Geez, not good. But we are all apologetic and smiley and most of the passengers tend to either feel sorry for us or amused about the whole thing. I have to say that Laura tends to behave better when we are all together, so I might try to change my routine to catch the same train as them on the way back home.

When Laura wakes up, first thing she says is “I sleep well”. It started when we asked her “did you sleep well?” when she woke up, and now we don’t even have to ask, she just say it. Yesterday she slept in our bed and at 5:30am she woke me up with the usual “I sleep well”. Dudette, no! In this house we don’t wake up before 6am during weekdays and 7am on weekends. If you don’t want to sleep, you shush and let me sleep. That’s the rule. But of course she wouldn’t accept it. After a lot of crying, holding hands and milk, she finally went back to sleep and guess what?! Didn’t want to wake up when it was time to wake up.

She is fluent in English but has been mixing some words of Portuguese when talking to me. I have been talking to her in English more than I would liked to, but I can’t switch languages as quickly as before. With my mum here for a couple of month, I’m pretty sure she will pick up more and more Portuguese.

She loves: to dance, to tell stories, to listen to stories, to run, to eat (not necessarily good things), to be around people (although she is shy at first), to talk, to paint, pretty dresses, dolls and cars/trains, bikes, Curious George. I think she is a very clever girl – note that I am not saying that she is a genious, extremely intelligent, bla bla bla. I think she is clever and intelligent as kids at this age are. She doesn’t like: to wash her hair (it’s always a huge drama, with lots of tears), to be on her own downstairs in the evenings, to stay still, peas/corn.

She is becoming quite picky with the clothes she wears, which can be annoying. This morning she didn’t want to wear her usual pair of purple shoes, she complained that the trousers were too long and wouldn’t stop crying until we changed it, her top got wet when she was brushing her teeth and she wanted to change it no matter what. Lots of crying with it. But overall, she has been pretty easy to deal with this week. She seems more mature, do you know what I mean?


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