52 objects: week 31


What is it? A SpongeBob SuqarePants hang bag

Where did it come from? I got it from my previous work, Nickelodeon. It is a product launched in France and is a limited edition (mine is number 50/500).

Where is it? All over the house, I use it quite a lot.

Why was it chosen? Because since I got this bag, it is probably my most used one. It was just a work bag (it’s quite big, fits my laptop and a bunch of other stuff), it was Laura’s nappy bag (sometimes I still use for her stuff), it is my travel bag (I went to Madrid with it and only it).

And what else? Despite being a SpongeBob bag, it is very discrete (if you know the character, you can imagine how bright and yellow all products are) and I like that. I’m not a huge fan of merchandising, even if it is a brand I like, so happy to wear something branded but not “in your face”.


The bag


Detail of one of the pockets


The external label


The content of the bag from the trip to Madrid (this was the only bag I took with me)


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